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Thread: Black Diamond Edition touch up

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    Default Black Diamond Edition touch up

    The BDE PM9 I just purchased has a few wear spots on the slide. Doesn't bother me but if there is an easy way to touch it up that would be cool.


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    Hi SteveOak, first thing about the grip from your other post, give a standard bike tube a try, I have a DLC black PM9 and I’ve had a bike tube on it since I bought it and it just works, provides good grip and doesn’t add size….I found that after you cut it to size if you turn it inside out it gets rid of the mold ridge and hey for less than 10 bucks you can make a few mistakes before you get one just the perfect size, worth a shot and if you hate it there’s always the Talon grips or slip on Hogue…..

    As for touch ups on the DLC I haven’t found anything that will blacken the stainless very well…..Caswell coatings sells some products to darken stainless but I wasn’t very happy with the results…..For very small dings to the DLC I found that Krylon Camouflage flat black spray paint #4290 matches the color almost exactly, just spray some in the cap and use a fine hobby pointed brush to cover any bare spots…….

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