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Thread: New switchbolt

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    Default New switchbolt

    I don't know if anyone is still using this forum but I'll give it a shot. Recently bought a Switchbolt and I'm very happy with it. Lots of fun and a great shooting rifle, very accurate. I've put it into a KRG Bravo stock. I haven't had much luck getting information on the trigger group and I was hoping someone here may know who makes it. I've got a little over 500 rnds through it and the trigger has gotten better with use but could be a little better in my opinion.

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    Sorry, I am not able to help, but someone will probably chime in. Still quit a bit of members here, so yes, the site does still get used. Some nice folks on here who love to help when we can, so hopefully someone in the know can answer your question. Welcome to the forum!

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