I have a K9 that was bought new.I recently put some TFX Pro sights on it. love the sights and the pistol.
The slide is fairly loose on the frame. As in, I can hold it with a normal grip and shake it back and forth and it rattles and moves more than other Kahrs Iíve had , and currently have. ( PM9,CM9, PM45, and P380)Like how an AK is on the loose side.
I have MAYBE 250 or so rounds through it. Barely broke in. Not one problem. Ever!
My new CW45 is fairly tight in comparison.
Internet ďexpertsĒ always rag on Kahr because of the recommended long break in because of tight tolerances, but Iím thinking that Kahr rethought this and started making them looser to keep from having teething problems.
Or do I just have a rattle trap K9?
Iím not complaining, but just wondering if this is normalÖ.