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Thread: New from CA.

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    Default New from CA.

    Hello from Northern CA. Very happy to find this forum. Will pick up my first Kahr CW9 carbon fiber on Monday night. Can’t wait! Convinced a friend to sell it to me. Feeling lucky. Got to shoot it a week ago and an loved it. I have much to learn and can already appreciate the experience and wisdom to be found here.

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    Welcome Automaticjack to the one and only Kahrtalk Bar and Grill……The CW9 is a fine pistol that fits a perfect need, not too big and not so small you can’t get a good grip on it……Let us know how it shoots and if you have any questions, just ask…..This is a nice place with lots of good folks that hang out here always willing to help if you need it but I think the CW9 will make you smile……Again welcome, glad you found us!

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    Welcome AutomaticJack! Great group here, so ask away if you have any questions. I carry a CW9 on my hip during warm weather months, with a Techna Clip. Soooo slim. I know you have shot it already, so I don’t have to tell you what a great gun you are getting. Welcome again and congrats on your new gun!

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