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Thread: New Ported Barrel in My Old E9

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    Default New Ported Barrel in My Old E9

    Kahr is discontinuing the ported barrel for the K9. Always wanted to try a ported barrel but felt like the price was a little high. Well, Kahr had their ported barrel on sale, so I bought one for my E9 (E9 is an old, long discontinued poor boy's K9). The new barrel fit perfectly and is certainly accurate.

    I shoot a pretty mild load for IDPA and USPSA competition but that's the only load I had on hand, so that's what I took to the range. I always kind of suspected that a single port wasn't going to do too much to mitigate recoil at best, let alone with a lighter load. That turned out to be true, at least for my mild load. Frankly, I couldn't tell the ported barrel from the non-ported.

    Maybe using a hard, full throttle load the port would make a difference. If anyone has tried the ported barrel. please share the experience. Thanks

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    I had my K40 Magna Ported hoping it would tame the muzzle flip some. I didn't notice much difference. Rumor has it that inexperienced shooter would notice it more than long time shooters. Not sure how that works but it didn't help much. No negatives, looks cool and still accurate but still has a nasty flip.
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    Have them on my K9 and K40. Never shot them side by side to be able to a difference. I assume it will make the biggest difference while rapid firing a hot load. Scientifically and the accepted consensus is that porting and muzzle brakes keep the muzzle end of handguns and rifles down. Being that the K9/K40 ported barrels extend past the slide, I figure it's a no harm no foul sort of thing. I'm not losing the muzzle velocity I would be losing with traditional porting. If it works, it's a plus, if it doesn't work, I'm not out of anything.

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