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Didnít I mention in my second post about machining a custom dovetail mount. Not that difficult. Chunk of metal, a file and drill ní tap. WALLA!

Look for my post on modifying a TFX rear sight for a CZ97. After all we should ALL be interested, right.
You've convinced me. The more I look at it, the more it seems doable. I'm going to see if my favorite gunsmith is up to the task.

Bawanna - I am loathe to give up my open sights too. In this case though, even with the DeltaPoint Micro going dead, it looks to me like it would function as a ghost ring. I've done a lot of shooting with essentially the same thing on another pistol, and it can be surprisingly accurate at speed. This is the #1 main reason I'm interested in this sight. #2 is that it looks like I can make it work on the Kahr without sending the gun off for milling.