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Thread: New CM9

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    Default New CM9

    I picked up a new CM9, actually ordered it through Davidson’s. First trip to the range and after a couple magazines through the gun, the front sight flew off the frame. It was not adhered in any manner so just flies off the gun due to the vibration. Not sure what the proper way to deal with this. Never had this issue before.

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    Let Kahr know. They’ll send you a new one.

    muggsy: Let's face it, being shot by a .380 will ruin anyone's day.

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    Like David said, call Kahr and they will make it right…..When you put the new one on use some red Loctite liquid thread locker and it will stay put….Welcome to the forum Drh, glad you found us…..Let us know how it goes, the CM9 is a nice little pistol so give Kahr a call and they will get a new front sight out to you right away…..

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    Welcome to the Kahr-Corner of the 'net. This is a good place and you can learn a lot here, if that's what you want to do. If I had brought home a new-in-the-box handgun and the front sight flew off the first time I took it to the range...the whole damn thing is going back. That's just's more of a psychological thing I suppose. Coupla things I should put out here, right up front. I bought my CM9 new in the box in 2013. My CM9 is my EDC gun, the "E" stands for...EVERYDAY, with complete confidence not only in the little gun, but also in my ability to hit what I'm aiming at within the practical range the CM9 is designed for. (I'm not trying to hit beer cans at 50 yds.) When I brought my CM9 home I had been advised in the literature that some "Break-in rounds" would be necessary so it was no surprise or "issue" that it took a bit of "breaking in" with full power rounds. That was accomplished in a single range session. When I left the range that was digesting everything I fed it including my mild reloads just fine, and has ever since.
    A while back I looked around and found that the firearms industry had finally caught up with Kahr, and in many people's opinion...even exceeded Kahr's offerings for a reliable 9mm EDC handgun. I was ready to look at some of those newer offerings with the idea of letting my CM9 go. I quickly discovered that there wasn't much interest in a used CM9 in the marketplace so I decided to spend a little money...not much upgrade my CM9 and along the way...learn more about my carry gun.
    To date those upgrades have consisted of:
    1. MCarbo spring kit in the gun. Their installation video is AWESOME. If you're at all interested in "tinkering" with the internals of your new gun...I recommend it even if you're not replacing anything in there. At some point down the road...if you shoot it enough you might want to know how to disassemble your CM9 to properly clean the striker channel.
    2. MagGuts springs in the magazines to gain an extra round without extending the magazine itself.
    3. Pearce magazine baseplates to get a better grip on the gun. I ran the magazines both with and without them and my shooting is definitely better WITH.
    4. Galloway flat trigger. I put this in as a first step when Galloway was thinking they would be offering a "Short-stroke" trigger kit. That never happened. Nonetheless I like the flat trigger enough to keep it in the gun.
    5. Wrapped the grip with a few turns of "Friction Tape". It makes the little gun "feel better" in my hand. Fits better, and No "bite" from the factory grip panels. There's other ways to accomplish the same effects, that's mine. this point I have a 100% reliable, comfortable to shoot EDC 9mm on my belt that I'm quite proficient with should it ever be required to prevent death or grievous bodily injury to myself or another.
    At some point I might consider replacing the factory sights with some kind of "night sight" option, but that's about the only other thing I might do.
    Good luck with your new gun and I hope you'll come back and let us know how you're doing with it.

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