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Thread: P45 - 1911 MAGS FYI - Flush fit and Extended mags

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    Default P45 - 1911 MAGS FYI - Flush fit and Extended mags

    FYI - I'm guessing most that own P45's already know that 1911 mags work. I wanted something flush fit and clean - I found these originally on eBay but the direct website is . These were the original MAG PACK mags, the Officer mag lets you get 7+1 in your standard P45 and I think makes for a clean flush look, I carry the Wilson Combat extended Officers magazine for an additional 8 rounds. The only pic I had is it right next to my P9 Covert with the sans-sights. My P9 Covert is playing second fiddle its big brother P45 - LOL!!

    Yes - there is a magazine inserted in there.

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    Some 1911 mags work, and some don't. Some work with the Kahr follower, some don't.

    My Wilson mags work in my PM45, but the officers size Wilson mags don't.

    Many feed and function correctly but don't lock back on empty which doesn't matter really to me.
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    I had always read about that, which ones are the MOST likely to work in a CW45 without much fitting? (I mean, it's not like the REST of the gun works right now or anything...)

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