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    I've had some good luck doing business with Gunbroker over the years. I needed to top off my .40 cal. ammo supply and saw a good deal on some Winchester Ranger ammo in 50 rd. boxes. The shipping was reasonable, so I purchased some. When it arrived, a few of the boxes had a slight mildew smell. Upon inspection, there were a few boolits with a bit of corrosion. The boxes looked fine and had no damage. I don't think they got wet but must have been stored somewhere near dampness. I inspected all of the rounds and they looked ok except for a few. I contacted the seller through Gunbroker and she responded quickly. She said that she was selling her husband's ammo supply (I assume he has passed) and also helping a neighbor sell some of hers also. She told me that her hubby was an officer and had worked some covert operations overseas and had lots of ammo in different calibers. He couldn't use his own ammo overseas and wasn't allowed to take any along. After I had explained what I discovered, she apologized profusely and proceeded to refund all of my money. You don't see that too often these days. I told her that the ammo was fine except for a few corroded boolits that I disposed of. They probably would have been ok, but I don't take chances these days. It wasn't a lot of cash. $60 for 200 rds. with shipping. A good deal got better............................................ ..........

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    Honesty is hard to find these days. Iíve been unfortunate enough to have dealt with a few characters instead of people with character, but anytime Iíve made a mistake as a seller I made it right. Glad to hear you gut taken care of.

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