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Thread: Kahr PM9 Pistol

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    Default Kahr PM9 Pistol

    Hey, my friend gifts me a Kahr PM9 pistol. I decided to buy a holster for PM9. I am trying to find it online. Does anybody have any experience with Vedder holsters? comfort and security are more important for me.
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    Iíve had good luck with their Light Tuck for AIWB.

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    I love the Desantis. They are thin and light weight OWB. Have them for a number of my small guns. 380 and CM9.

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    I have a Vedder on right now. Super comfortable. You'll be happy with it.

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    Thanks for reply me I buy it from here[]=702

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    I just bought 2 generic (cheap) OWB holsters off Ebay that I'm quite pleased with.
    I have a CW9 and a PM9, so I bought holsters big enough for the CW9.
    One is all Kydex, one is a Leather/Kydex hybrid.

    The all Kydex had burrs/sharp edges, what I would expect for a $21 holster, but were easily remedied with a file/sandpaper.

    OWB Kydex Holster Black for HK, Kel-Tec, Kahr, Kimber Handguns | eBay

    I had to trim it a little bit so I could get a shooting grip hold on the gun before drawing it.
    Just know that I modify everything.
    The slide release contacts my skin so I tuck-in my tee shirt behind it.

    The hybrid was more finished but cost a bit more, $40

    OWB Kydex/Leather Hybrid Holster with adjustable retention for KAHR | eBay

    Um, I cut off some leather to allow my thumb into the shooting grip position before the draw.
    So, yeh, I mod'ed this one too
    Both have good retention and been comfortable for all day wear.

    OK, way too much info about nothing,

    Here's about 1000 other holsters:
    kahr pm9 holster | eBay
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    I have Vedder Holsters for a number of firearms including a CM9. Since one of my larger Kahrs is usually my EDC, I prefer the Vedder with a wing and an improvised wedge. That being said, I didn't get the CM9 with a wing, and the gun is small enough that I don't think you will notice a difference unless you are wearing tight clothes. I like the metal tuckable clip that Vedder uses, and it is my go-to brand for carrying something the size of a K9 or smaller. I had to modify the clip for AIWB comfort on my CW45, but it is larger than the K9.

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