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Thread: 10mm Ammo

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    Default 10mm Ammo

    What is best 10mm ammo for self defense.

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    My reason for carrying my 10mm for self-defense might be different from yours, but these are what I use. I buy them locally but use these links for illustration purposes. I carry my 10mm when I'm hiking in the mountains, mostly in deference to moose and black bears.

    HSM Bear Ammo 10mm Auto 200 Grain Lead Round Nose Flat Point Box of 20 (

    Buffalo Bore Ammo Outdoorsman 10mm Auto 220 Grain Hard Cast Lead Flat (

    This one shoots pretty good in my 10mm (full size 1911) and I've put this in the magazine when I carry it in social situations. However, my Kahr CW40 with some Hornaday Personal Defense loads has similar ballistics and is much easier to carry.

    Federal Premium Personal Defense Punch Ammo 10mm Auto 200 Grain (

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    IMO, the best (assuming you are not speaking of bear loads) will be whatever HP fits these criteria:

    1. Shoots reliably in your firearm
    2. You can shoot well
    3. You can get easily

    Although I have my own preferences revolving around these three criteria, you have to remember that one of the weakest 10mm's (Federal Hydrashok 180gr) was basically designed to meet the FBI requirements. Most popular loadings go up in power from that.

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    At there is list of top ammo retailers.
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