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Thread: Loose front sight

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    Default Loose front sight

    Has anyone else had their front sight work itself loose? Iím fairly certain it was tight when I bought it. I went shooting recently, shot 100 rounds. A couple days later I realize itís loose. Slight side to side and front to back movement.

    No it wasnít dropped or bumped or anything.

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    Which model?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bawanna View Post
    Which model?
    Sorry, M1 carbine paratrooper. AOM150.

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    Itís going back to AO/Kahr to be fixed.

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    Got the rifle backÖ they replaced the front sight with a ďtighter fitting oneĒ. ButÖ itís still loose.

    Guess Iíll just take my loss. This rifle is about to become someone elseís problem.

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