Guido, I bought the 365XL for the same reasons. I've carried K9 or P9 for almost as long as Kahr's been making pistols, and I find this Sig to be a fairly easy transition. Yeah, the trigger is different, but it works. I'm not having difficulty with the dot alignment, but I think your assessment of the need for consistent grip is spot on. And I agree that it's harder to accomplish this from crossdraw. But I'd bet that you have always been experiencing that, but it wasn't noticeable until you put a dot in play. I shoot the Kahrs pretty well for an old guy, but I was quickly shooting the Sig with dot better and faster. One bit of advice I was given that I think helps is to ignore the front sight. With the RomeoZero, you should barely be able to see it when the dot is in the screen anyway. Drawing from your strong side, as your hands come together your grip should be consistent. As you push the gun out, you should not see any of the top or sides of the optic sight, and the dot will be there. Don't worry about centering the dot in the screen. Instead, center the dot on your target and squeeze. Works for me anyway.

I'm so sold on this package that I'm eventually going to have at least one of my Kahrs (probably the P9) set up with an optic sight. Haven't settled on which way I'll go yet, but in the meantime, I have the Sig. I'm not worried about the difference in capacity. Just getting rounds on target as quickly as possible.