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I’m ashamed to say, but I just found the clear skateboard tape you sent to me. I apparently laid it on top of something on a shelf in my room, letting it slide back behind that shelf. So, I kinda got a good gift all over again by finding it back there. Hoping for more cool weather again soon so I can do some tinkering, including finding a smooth front strap or two to put some of that stuff on.
That's what aging is all about Bird, learning "new" things every day. When we get really old we can meet new people every day.

I continue to be impressed by the clear tape. I have it on that shiny Tisas and it does not degrade, lift, shift, or lose particles. Another good thing about it is that when I grip the gun in my left hand I don't have to worry about marring checkering that might get damaged on an alloy frame by my wedding ring. A steel frame wouldn't be an issue but I'm not sure about an alloy one. I have another one coming that I'll put the tape on, and post pictures of when I get it home and get the mods I have planned for it done.