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Thread: 429 DE 10" Barrel Chrono-Data...

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    Default 429 DE 10" Barrel Chrono-Data...

    So I finally got the 10" 429DE barrel in. Because I don't reload and 429DE ammo is non-existent right now, I didn't shoot it much beyond taking the chronograph data, but here is what I got...
    (I didn't get temp and humidity, but in was around 80F)

    Glacier Ridge factory ammo.
    429DE 10" Barrel...
    240gr averaged 1790fps/1708ft-lbs
    210gr averaged 1943fps/1761ft-lbs

    Is anyone reloading this to see if this is maxed out or not?

    I am pleased with the results for sure. When ammo comes available, I will get some accuracy tests. I was able to hit a silhouette I have out at 175 yards, two of six shots. I will get at reasonable distances as soon as I get some ammo.

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    Interesting, thanks for sharing. I reload but only .50AE so I can't comment on the velocities of 429DE.

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