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Thread: Range report/ New Kahr P9 (black diamond slide)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreeMe View Post
    Excellent post, King Rat,

    None of my Kahrs or their mags have needed more than 200 rounds for break in. But - the chambers tend to run tighter than most other pistols and won't tolerate (sorry, KR) ammo that hasn't been sized or crimped properly. I have had failures to fully chamber in the K9 with some ammo of questionable quality that ran just fine in my BHP for instance. I've tried Sellier and Bellot 9mm ammo one time long ago, and never will again.
    What was it about Sellier and Bellot ammo you did not like? What your favorite range ammo, and self defense ammo?

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    My P9 was one of the few trouble free models I owned. I liked it a lot and shot it a lot. Traded it for a similar sized Walther PPS. Nice gun but I should have kept the P9. Later bought a S9.
    I've never really accepted a "break in" rational towards function failures. A gun should work reliably from round one. Almost all of the many guns I've owned have worked out of the box. Gun springs should be ready to function, no question.
    Congrats on the new Kahr. I hope it becomes reliable soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berettabone View Post
    I have experienced a lot of this over the years myself. Not only do people not shoot their firearm, but they walk around with a dry, unfired firearm, never been cleaned and full of lint and pocket fuzz. Loaded up with Tula FMJ ammo. Many of the firearms have minimal sights and not much grip. Personally, I don't believe people should carry until they've had some sort of training and practice. Too many cowboys, not enough horses. When my wife got her first firearm, I used to make her just sit with it, fondle it, get used to the feel. Break it down and clean it. Learn it like it was a third appendage. The conceal carry classes these days are a joke. Mine was 9 hrs. with a qualifying shoot. Muzzle someone and your gone. An hour or two about legal ramifications is a good thing but make them shoot the damn thing.
    I could not agree more. Amazing how people will not clean their frigging gun. Not even bother to just open it up and wipe the crud out or clean the extractor. And just go to any indoor range and watch how dangerous some people are. Many have zero knowledge of how their own gun works, much less how to shoot. And even complain if a Range Officer stops their behavior.

    Son, you failed to maintain your weapon (great movie)

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