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Thread: Kahr K Series Custom Grip Order from Hogue!!! Yep

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    I would be interested in a set for my K40, my K9 and my MK9. I will follow this post. THX

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    Was at Tommy Gun Warehouse (Greeley, PA) earlier and checked at the section where grips are displayed. I looked for the wood grips without the K emblem, they had the following;
    K series, checkered, no K emblem, one left, $58
    MK series, checkered, no emblem, two left, $58
    MK series, smooth, no emblem, four left, $48
    Didnít ask if they had anymore in the back where they stock parts.
    If looking to pick these grips up and having a hard time finding them, couldnít hurt to give a call and see if theyíd ship a set to you.

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    I'd be interested in 2 for k9's if they could be had thin and with double diamond flat checkering like this


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bawanna View Post
    The Kahr wood grips are made by Hogue so pretty much the same thing. Hogue may offer the grips without the K, I'm not certain about that. Looking at the Kahr site which I haven't done in a long time I noticed what they called soft rubber grips, like the early K and MK models or at least they look like that. If they are what I think they are that's a good thing. Much as I like wood the early soft rubber grips were far better than the harder tupperware grips on the later models.
    I think my K9 came with the older "spongy" rubber grips, which I actually like. I also purchased a set of the Kahr K9 wood grips with the "K" on them and they look nice... but feel slimmer than the black grips that I already have. I was hoping I could get a set of wood, preferably cocobolo, that was thicker and fully checkered.

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    Any word from Hogue yet? I would like a pair. Iíve been looking for replacement grips, and the G10ís from Lakeline look nice, except I wish they made some different color options or at least a light grey. My K9 has a black finish, and I would like a little contrast!

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    Hello, I'm interested in wood checkered grips (without the "K") for my K40...will follow the postings but would be nice if I could be notified via e-mail to purchase. Thanks for doing this! RJ

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