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Thread: Kahr K Series Custom Grip Order from Hogue!!! Yep

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    I would be interested in a set for my K40, my K9 and my MK9. I will follow this post. THX

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    Was at Tommy Gun Warehouse (Greeley, PA) earlier and checked at the section where grips are displayed. I looked for the wood grips without the K emblem, they had the following;
    K series, checkered, no K emblem, one left, $58
    MK series, checkered, no emblem, two left, $58
    MK series, smooth, no emblem, four left, $48
    Didnít ask if they had anymore in the back where they stock parts.
    If looking to pick these grips up and having a hard time finding them, couldnít hurt to give a call and see if theyíd ship a set to you.

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    I'd be interested in 2 for k9's if they could be had thin and with double diamond flat checkering like this


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