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Thread: Range Report part 2/Kahr P9 Black Diamond break in.

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    Default Range Report part 2/Kahr P9 Black Diamond break in.

    Well, as they say, patience is a virtue. I made another range trip, with my new P9, and fired off about 150 FMJ 124g Winchester NATO, American Eagle, and Blazer Brass. I followed you guys advice, by oiling the pistol very well, right before going to the range. I also loaded each 7 round, and 8 round, magazine a round or two less. After shooting nearly half way through, I started loading to full capacity. NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM! All rounds fed fine. It was great. I used my three new Kahr mags ( 2/7 round magazines and 1 eight rounder) and my two used 8 rounders. I consider my break in period over. However, in part 3, I need to determine if good quality defensive hollowpoints, will feed okay. How many hollowpoints should I use of 124g variety, should I shoot, and , would like opinions of what works for you all. Thanks.

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    I use Federal HST 124g exclusively.
    Works in our P9, PM9, and T9.
    Never had a single issue.

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    I use Federal HST 124g also. It runs fine in my S9.


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    Speer Gold Dots have worked reliably in every 9mm Kahr I've had as long as I use the side release and keep it lubed.

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    Yep. I use either Speer Gold Dots or Federal HST, and both are completely reliable in all my Kahrs. I get slightly better accuracy with the HST.

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