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Thread: Seeking advice about backpack armor plates

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    Default Seeking advice about backpack armor plates

    I know next to nothing about those, and would like some guidance to purchase same for my middle school grandson.
    Quality manufacturers?
    Suitable level of protection?
    Cost is no object.

    Any relevant advice is appreciated.
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    Tough question. Plates are heavy. There are backpacks available that can offer protection. Maybe best to get involved in your school system and make sure the doors can be wedged from the inside and there is an armed officer at the only entrance to the school. I feel your concern but if these loonies get inside, armor may not be enough.
    BTW, NY is attempting to prevent anyone from owning any type of body armor. The governor of NY is nuts.
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    I have no personal connection to this company or product, but a friend at work bought this one for his son to take to LSU. He was pleased with it and thankfully it has never been tested. The young man loved the backpacks features, all the stowage and pockets. I don't know what level of plate he bought (VERTX sells three), but I'm sure my coworker would have bought something rated to stop 5.56 for sure...

    VERTX EDC Ready Pack 2.0 Rapid Access Pull DFNDR Armor

    I thought it was a bit too "tactical" looking for school, but the young man didn't think so then and my coworker said today that no one at LSU has ever said a word about it.

    Good Luck on the search and I'm sorry that our world leaves feeling you need to shop.

    I was once asked if I was "a paranoid for carrying my Kahr".
    "Nope" I said, "just prepared".
    " prepared for what" he asked?
    "more stuff than you are"
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