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Here's a recent thread about bullet setback with a Kahr:<br>
<a href="https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/is-this-safe-to-shoot-in-your-opinion.906759/" target="_blank">Is this safe to shoot in your opinion? | The High Road</a><br>
Yes, from multiple re-chamberings, there are others, it's more common than you realize.<br>
just sayin'<br>
Oh I'm sure it happens. But it isn't a given. Not even in the Kahrs. Have you ever bothered to actually measure setback from multiple chamberings in your Kahr? I have, and I guess I don't know how many times a round has to be chambered for it to set back, but it's more than several. I guess...unless there is a poorly manufactured round?

At any rate, I have never in the 25 years I've been shooting Kahrs had a problem with that first round loading without jamming. Yeah, I can induce the jam deliberately, but never had it happen without my causing it by cycling that first round in a manner other than outlined in the manual. I can say the same for all of my centerfire single stack pistols. As for the worrisome first round that has been chambered and then ejected without firing......If you did that every day and tossed that round into a bucket, you'd have 365 practice rounds per year with your chosen carry round. Not a bad idea to use those for training or just verifying reliability in a new gun or mag. If you can't afford that, you have the option of chambering the first round from a single-loaded mag (as I always do for any pistol when I want it topped off - just because it's easier) but then, you get to worry about bullets pulling out.

To me, this all adds up to much ado about nothing. My primary carry stays loaded pretty much all the time and goes into the safe if I'm not wearing it.

Now, your mag base plates, OTOH.....that's something to worry about. Those plastic base plates on your seven round mags are gonna let go eventually and spill all of your rounds in the dirt. Ask me how I know. I'd be changing those out to the steel plates before worrying about the followers. (all my followers are original, BTW)