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Thread: MagGuts for 8-round magazine?

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    Default MagGuts for 8-round magazine?

    MagGuts sells a kit for Kahr's 6-round magazine, and a kit for Kahr's 7-round magazine.

    Has anyone tried installing the 7-roung magazine kit into Kahr's 8-round magazines?

    If so, how well did it work?

    Was it easier to chamber the first round of a magazine fully loaded with hollow points? (The original magazine often will fail to fully chamber a round unless the slide is allowed to fly forward at full speed.)

    Did it reliably feed the last round?

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    That's the way the original mags are designed to work. Kahr recommends locking the slide back, inserting the mag and using the slide stop to chamber the round. After some rounds and wear most can chamber either way.
    I've never had that issue but I pull the slide all the way back and let her fly so basically the same thing.
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