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Thread: Steel Ammo Banned For Shooting Range

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    Default Steel Ammo Banned For Shooting Range

    Why do shooting ranges ban steel ammo?

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    I can't vouch for the validity of the reasons, but in another forum they mention that steel case ammo:

    1. often has a jacket comprised of multiple layers of copper and steel, being harder on the steel trap and potentially a fire hazard from sparking
    2. potentially can spark off of the ground when extracted which could ignite unburnt powder residue
    3. ranges don't want to separate the steel from brass when they collect them for reloading

    Additionally, some mention that steel case ammo (and relative steel/copper jacket) can cause increased wear on extractors and barrels.

    The indoor range I spent the most time at was in MN (when I lived there). I brought a cousin there that exclusively fired Wolf steel cased ammo in his Walther (plastic model) that he said he never had an issue with. The range would't allow him to shoot the ammo in their rental guns. Interestingly enough, the first round of Wolf (his personal ammo) he chambered in his Walther at that range got stuck in the chamber and the RSO had to wack the slide open with the live round inside.

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    IMHO, if you shoot that stuff in your handgun, you have no respect for the firearm.

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    No steel ammo has ever entered any of my firearms. If I had an AK or SKS or similar Russian rifle, I might consider it but even then probably not.
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    Just to be clear, are you speaking of steel core, or steel cased?
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    Every range I frequent in Minneapolis allows steel case ammunition. They want to look at your ammunition because of steel core and be certain that you are not shooting aluminum case ammunition. Steel case is simple as they just use a late roller magnet. The aluminum has to be pulled by hand.

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