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Thread: Hidden in plain sight.

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    Default Hidden in plain sight.

    Been kind of watching for the nonexistent small primers without the war profiteering price.

    A friend of my wife's just bought a light weight 38 Smith and knowing that it's not gonna be fun to shoot I wanted to load some powder puff stuff for her to try at least for practice. She's small, petite, and like us elderly whatever PC descriptor you want to use.

    So I was looking through my stuff hoping to find some strays I could at least load 50 or so.

    Low and behold on a different shelf gosh durned if I didn't find 3000, count em, 3000 Winchester Small Pistol primers. Eureka!!!!!

    I feel so damn rich......I better head to town and buy a lottery ticket. Figured out why I never win, guess you have to buy a ticket. Never bought one before.

    It's a good day. And I knocked the rust off and loaded 50 38's to try out. Now if I could find some bullets for the 38. Got lots of 45 and lot's of small primer 45 cases. So we'll be ok......
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    A good find indeed! Seeing yer workspace/man cave tells me there are probably more treasures to be found in there. A pair of grips, some screws/bushings are about the best lost treasures Iíve been surprised to find stowed away.

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