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Thread: CT380 (and other polymer Kahr) mag frustrations

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    Default CT380 (and other polymer Kahr) mag frustrations

    I have owned Kahrs since they first came out, both all steel and polymer frames.

    I just don't recall having issues with the mags not fully ejecting as I have noticed in my last couple of acquisitions.

    The one in particular I am complaining about is a NIB CT380 with the tungsten finish and unusual basketweave frame sides. Being a CT model, it only came with one mag, which of course, did not eject at all/barely ejected. The gun ran through the first 50 rds. of ball out of the box, so at least there is that.

    Brought it home, cleaned/lubed, and noticed the marks on the sides of the magazine after marking it made by the ribs on the inside of the mag well. Read through all the posts on this forum (good information, thanks), polished the mag. Not much better.

    Ordered four (4) more factory mags, and each one of them also will barely eject.

    I did observe that with a round loaded in the magazine, mag inserted, that the magazines will come out by about a quarter of the length and then stop.

    Guess I can be glad eh magazines don't spontaneously drop while still loaded !

    Is there a all-metal mag catch on later .380s, and might that help ?

    Any other suggestions appreciated. Not really feeling it to hand-fitting each factory magazine to the gun.

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    You could get a flat stick... paint stirrer? and wrap fine grit sandpaper around it and then try to sand down any protrusions in the magazine well. Polymer isn't like steel and can vary with the temperature or deform a bit after being molded and released from the mold.
    A dry lubricant can help, too, but I would try to sand down any irregularities or obstructions to give the magazines more clearance.
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    Sounds like good advice.
    Am lucky that my CT380 hasn’t had any problems except it won’t shoot WWB.
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    My friend, an excellent jeweler and civilian carrier, sent me three different grits of flat polishing sticks he uses to (lightly) sand the inside of the mag well. Mostly what was sanded were the two ribs molded into the plastic. Along with some polishing of the mag bodies, now all me mags eject and drop freely when empty.

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    I had this issue with my CM9 when it was new. I did the paint stick with abrasive strips and sanded the internal rails of the mag well. I also applied Johnson's paste wax in the mag well and on the exterior of the mags. It worked a treat. Be a little careful with the abrasive in the mag well. Try it a time or two and if needed another time or two until it slides out. Worked slick for me.

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    I had the same problem with my new CM9 and did the following, polished all the 6/7 rd. mags to almost mirror finish,broke the sharp edges on the mag release notch which helped some ; and last the thing that really did the trick; removed the mag release ,polished/rounded the edges of the release that engage the mags. now they drop like they was shot! (pun intended)



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    Here's an old thread (10years) about mags sticking, and the mags were found to have a slight bulge at the 1st bend.
    It can be measured with a caliper up and down the mag and the bulge will become apparent.
    A simple squeeze eliminates the bulge, and the mag will fall free.
    Way safer than sanding the mag well.
    Squeezing 9mm mags. (kahrtalk.com)
    Should be (have been) a sticky...
    There are other old threads on this topic too.
    Edit: check out the shiny spots/rub marks on these mags:
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