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Thread: P380 Buffalo Bore problem

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    New to me P380 that I bought used did not look like it had been shot much, so I did the recommended (on here) protocol. All of it, including filing down a magazine follower that would catch.

    My first time shooting over the weekend it ran flawlessly with the PMC full metal jacket, Hornady Critical Defense, and Lehigh Extreme Defender 68 grain (the Lehigh is the same bullet as the Underwood Extreme Defender, but Wilson Combat bought the company). The Extreme Defender will be my choice for carry after watching gel tests on Youtube.

    Thanks to all who did the the work and posts on this forum about preparing a Kahr pistol to shoot well!

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    Congrats on your purchase. Happy to hear it ran flawlessly for you.
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    FWIW, I have found Hornady Critical Defense to be a great choice for micro guns that are ammo picky. Luckygunner labs shows it gives moderate but consistent expansion and good penetration.

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