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Thread: Red Dot on Kahr K9?

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    Default Red Dot on Kahr K9?

    Anybody running a red dot on their K9? If so, did you have the slide milled or install a base in the rear sight dovetail? Pics?

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    I don't think Kahr has this option in their line.

    I'd be interested in this also, especially for my CW 45.

    *Tried the CTC Laserguard mount but found it lost zero after a few rounds fired. A red dot sight would be nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weemsf50 View Post
    Anybody running a red dot on their K9?
    I got very lucky just after I got my K9 and bought a new-in-box Crimson Trace laser grip off a forum member here -- it's a great product (if you can find one -- has been discontinued...)

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    I just got my first optics on a handgun - settled on the Holosun 507C RMR mount, I found the optics window was significantly bigger than the optics window on red dot with RMRc mount without being overly huge. Also I like the 32MOA ring option around the 2MOA , for me target acquisition was quicker. From my research, an optics cut milled into the slide is the best way to go - I'm trying to find a place locally to mill my slide, it looks like most of the places online have a 4-8wk turnaround time. Using the dovetail adds another piece of hardware and it sits up a little high also.

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