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Thread: SOLD: Kahr “P9 Covert” (P9 Barrel & Slide with PM9 Grip)

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    Default SOLD: Kahr “P9 Covert” (P9 Barrel & Slide with PM9 Grip)

    * SOLD Locally -- Got my original asking price too!!! *

    The “P9 Covert” has the P9 length barrel & slide (3.6”) with the shorter PM9 grip as an “option”, when needed. Most shooters have no trouble concealing the barrel, but a long grip is sometimes an issue. The Kahr Coverts solved that concealed-carry problem by chopping the P9 grip down to PM9 length, and its design allows you to use the shorter PM9 mags (6+1) or the longer P9 mags (7+1). I once had a factory-made P9 Covert, and this P9 was expertly cut down to duplicate that one. Like the factory original, this Covert has plastic grip on the bottom of the larger mag for when you do want to use the full grip of a P9 -- while the shorter PM9 mag conceals really well IWB with its shorter length.

    This P9 Covert is used and in very good+ shape with no dings or scratches, but the Tritium 3-dot sights are really dim -- I cannot call these “night sights” any longer. But there are some neat extras included -- a factory box, paperwork and trigger-lock thing; as well as a custom stainless steel recoil spring guide rod and a Blackhawk nylon OWB holster.
    * * S O L D * *

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    Congratulations on your sale, and on your new gun to the purchaser!

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