Hello !
first post here -

I’ve had a mark 19 in 50 for about 10 years now , always a “safe” gun that I break out for kicks and giggles once a year or so to blow up some cabbages with my friends etc. always a fun time. So this year I treated myself to getting the .44 conversion barrel kit . It looks beautiful as it’s a duotone now with the polished chrome and black body , barrel fits in perfectly !

my question for you guys -
I know there is usually some sort of “break in” you need to do on new parts etc -
but the 2 provided magazines for .44 initially wouldn’t even get past the first depression in the mag well unless I pressed the mag release to let it move up into the chamber …which then would go to far and get stuck in the gun, the mag release not effecting it at all- would have to punch it out from the top of the gun while depressing the release to get them to pop out .

I haven’t found a lot of information on this , or any on specifically the 44 mags being like this -
I have found a bit of info on filing down certain parts of the magazines to allow it to slide in properly - but wanted to see what information or recommendations you guys have ! Have you experienced this before ? What was your fix?

thank you so much for your time and looking !