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Thread: Got My 2nd T9 Today

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    Default Got My 2nd T9 Today

    "2nd one? Are you being greedy???"

    Greedy? -- no.

    Stupid? -- maybe (temporarily I hope), as I'd mistakenly sold off the first one a couple of years back when I needed some $$.

    Lucky? -- yes! Very!

    I picked up this 2018 Kahr T9 earlier today after the big box store made me a tremendous offer on a gaggle of older top breaks I wanted to part with (see my "H&R" posting over in the "Other Firearms Discussion" forum). Per the "In The Wild" post from this T9 forum, sorcerer made a post which prompted me to look online and this one popped up at the "C" store just half an hour away from the house -- I literally could not get over there fast enough on Saturday morning to put it on hold (the guy told me today they got 3 phone calls about this 10 minutes after my hold was done).

    She came with the box, all papers, 3 mags and appears to be shot very little, if at all -- and the best news is it was priced at less than what I'd sold my other one for years ago.

    I just love the way the T9 handles, and the trigger pull is SO smooooooooooth. Can't wait to get her to the range!


    Old No7

    Kahr T9 01 med.jpg
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    Good for you. Iíve only seen one face to face once about 10 years ago at a gun show. They wanted $600 back then and it had no box and only one mag. I passed on it and havenít seen one since.
    The only thing better than having all the guns and ammo you'd ever need would be being able to shoot it all off the back porch.

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    Well Iím jeleous Old No7! Iíve yet to see one on sale anywhere at an acceptable price. It is for sure on my wants list. Glad you found a good deal and that she shoots so well for you. Even better that the price was less than what you got for your last one. Pretty much impossible these days the way prices have gone up. If I ever can score a deal on one, yaíll are gonna see the shiniest T9 ever by the time Iím through with it.

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    Man those T9's are nice looking pistols. Congrats!

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    Welcome home! Donít let this one go!
    Man of steel - Kahr T9, CZ75

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    Yeah, that's sweet. I have yet to see one in the flesh

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    I've got a T9 in the box with all the paper work and 2 mags.

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