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Thread: Desert Eagle scope mount roll pins

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    Default Desert Eagle scope mount roll pins

    I've used Magnum Research Desert Eagle scope mounts before, and it seems
    it's almost impossible to keep the two roll pins that help hold the mount on the
    barrel, in place* They always seem to work their way out of the mount* Doe's
    anyone have any "tips" to give me to keep them from walking out of the mount?
    I've given thought to using glue to help keep them in, but have had thoughts of what
    to do if I decide to remove the scope, and go back to the adjustable iron sights I have
    on it* Any suggestions on keeping the roll pins in place, besides glue? I've thought
    about hitting the roll pins with a punch, or even deforming the metal in the scope
    mount to keep them from walking out, but I don't want to do that if it makes the scope
    mount look junky*

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    There are many types of lock tite. Some are specifically for roll pins. I donít have a recommendation on which one would fit your need.

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    Lock tite
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