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Thread: Wood Grips for GAxxxx Serialized MK9?

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    Default Wood Grips for GAxxxx Serialized MK9?

    I just bought an MK9 and wanted to swap out the grips for wood ones. However, Kahr's website specifically mentions that MK9s with serial numbers beginning with GA are not compatible. Unfortunately, my MK9's serial number begins with GA. Does anyone know if they will still fit without havig to sand them down or who else makes compatible wood grips?

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    There are a few MK serial number models/years that have different internal design. No one knows exactly why. GA, GC, LTD serial numbers are different. I had an LTD serial # firearm and I could never find any grips. I would say that if you could find someone who had one of these models, they may be able to make you some grips, but otherwise, good luck. If you did purchase some grips, it would entail much more than sanding them down. The grip holes are also in a bit different location and do not exactly line up. Been there, done that, gave up. You can look up past posts detailing this process.

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    I used to have access to a GA serial number MK9. But the guy sold it for far more than I was willing to pay. I made several MK grips while I had it. Don't know anyone local who has one now so I can't help you.
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