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Thread: T9 slide racking difficulty comparison to K9 and PM9

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    Default T9 slide racking difficulty comparison to K9 and PM9

    All, my wife's carry gun is a S&W 649. We're considering replacing it with a single-stack all-steel 9mm. The T9 is one of our candidate guns. We have a PM9, but it's simply too hard for her to feel comfortable/confident manipulating its slide. She's tried a K9, but like the PM9, it's too hard for her to run the slide.

    We've yet to put our hands on a T9, so we're seeking feedback from T9 users on whether the slide of the T9 is noticeably easier to rack than the K9 and the PM9.

    Also, anyone know the weights of the K9 and T9 recoil springs?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I compared my T9 to a known pistol, the P7 which is 20 or 21 lbs, and to a S&W 39 series at about 15 lbs. The T9 is less than the P7 and a bit heavier than the Smith. I'm going to guess it's 17 or 18 lbs.

    Personally I think it is easy to rack the slide. You can get a full grip on both the slide and frame. My wife has trouble with almost all of my guns and I had to find one very easy to rack for her. Unfortunately it wasn't the Kahr.

    I think the K9 and T9 are probably pretty close in racking effort and feel.

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