Fellow Kahrtalk members,

I am officially declaring open the MRI sub-forum here at Kahrtalk! I have been waiting on doing this until I had a chance to talk with the folks at Kahr about the MRI product line. I wanted to set some rules for discussion based on what is a Kahr/MRI product, both in terms of current and future offerings. Based on that conversation, I have decided to set some simple rules for what products fit into this sub-forum.

  • All items currently listed on the MRI web site are fair game for discussion.
  • The Jericho/Baby Eagle line is fair game for discussion even though not currently imported by Kahr/MRI.

Any other past products should not be discussed here. I hope that makes sense to members.

So again, welcome to the new area and I hope members will enjoy discussing the exciting products offered by our friends at Magnum Research!