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Thread: Spring & Guide Rod (new user)

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    Of course I field strip the pistol for cleaning, but I have yet to do a full detail. i.e. remove the striker/block/pin/ejector and all that good stuff. There is that nice PDF download that shows you step by step on how to complete this but I feel I just may not get it back together lol.... Maybe its just too new for me to give it a shot just yet. Anyone else wanna comment on how the process was for them in terms of difficulty?
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    As Jocko has mentioned probably at least 1473 times theres usually no real need to take it down all the way.

    However that being said as an experiment after hearing all the talk about debris left inside Kahrs from the factory and needing flushing I took my PM45 down all the way before I ever went to the range. Could easily have been a for sale in bag, like new, never shot situation but life was good. FWIW, mine was squeaky clean, spotless with zero debri inside.

    If you follow that mentioned download, utilize the little whatchmacallit coat hanger trick, and watch for flying stuff or work in a bag its not difficult at all. One time and you'll have an a hah moment. It's really not tough. You have to get the extractor plunger pushed down and the back cover started and with just a little care you'll capture everything easily and no problems.

    I haven't had it apart since that time but I'm confident I could do it with now trouble at all and it gives you a little insight into how things work plus the power trip of knowing you can get deep inside your gun.

    If you've ever detail stripped a Glock it's much the same, just things are a bit tighter. No need to go there but if you have the desire go forth, if I can do it you can do it too.
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    As I understand it, taking down the slide voids your warranty.
    That sure seems odd.

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    Thanks for pointing out that second part -- I agree with your interpretation, and now I won't have to worry about whether Kahr's self-cleaning striker channel design really works sufficiently since I'll be able to check it.

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