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Thread: Cw night sights now available

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    It is a tiny screw, and mine did not go nearly deep enough into the sight for clearance...ha to grind off a significant amount of mine.

    If you have to do the same, clearance can be determined during re-assembly. If you have having trouble installing the guide rod and spring, there isn't enough clearance on the screw, nor will the slide install onto the frame correctly.....I learned this part by experience.

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    I installed a set of night sights on my CW45 yesterday. I did not have a problem with the clearance of the screw but getting the screw started into the sight was a bit of a challenge. It is a tiny screw!
    I do not have a Harbor Freight or Sears store nearby so I ordered this set of Torx bits from
    Initially, I thought that the T5 bit was the correct size, but when tightening the screw the T5.5 bit fit the best.
    The rear sight required some filing to fit.
    Overall, not a very difficult job and a nice upgrade.


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    A large magnet can help retrieve small screws like that. And inexpensive TORX screwdriver sets can be had at Harbor Freight Tools... many different sets for under $10... way under for some.

    For front sight installation there are links by members and great care must be taken to make sure the sight is seated correctly and that the screw is too low for the barrel to strike it in firing... the major cause of front sight failures on the "C" models.

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