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Thread: 1911 pics?

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    Thanks, fellers. Yes, it's a beaut but I shoot it a lot and carry it a good bit of the time, especially during flannel shirt (cover) season, which is about 7 months/year here.
    I agree that the 4.25" barrel and much lighter weight (30 oz) than a government model makes all the difference for carry.

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    You mention something that to me is the silver lining of the Fall season. Wearing heavier shirts means we can carry larger guns )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wavygravy View Post
    New member here -- here's my Colt Wiley Clapp edition LW Commander....

    That is beautiful Wavygravy, about 4 years ago I had a gun shop install night sights on a M&P .40 that I was really having a hard time trying to like and when I picked it up I noticed they had two very pretty blued Colt .1911 pistols in the case, one a Commander and the other a Government model……Both had original size safety levers, long triggers and back straps like Mr. Browning designed them……I paid for my M&P sight work and about half way home when I couldn’t stop thinking about those Colts I turned around and went back to trade for the Commander…..I lost a ton of money doing it but I’m happy I did because every real handgun loving red blooded American needs a Colt 1911 and while mine is nothing fancy, it has found a forever home……..My only regret is that I didn’t buy the full size Government model they had in the case to go along with it……..

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    There ya go, 2 is 1 and 1 is none or something like that. I love my Governments but the Commanders carry so much nicer, just that 3/4" makes a world of difference. Perhaps if I was vertical it wouldn't matter so much but sitting full time that barrel gets in the way. I'd carry the government all the time if it worked better. Still do pretty often.
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