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Thread: Micro Desert Eagle

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    Default Micro Desert Eagle

    Since this section does not get much traffic I will post couple pictures:

    It is modified wallet holster, fits perfectly in any rear pocket.
    Pistol is 100% so far.

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    I got one of those for trial and evaluation for a couple officers about a year ago. We really liked it, the size and feel etc but we could not get that thing to feed or cycle.
    It was just sent down as a trial gun from the dealer so I really couldn't mess with it or tweak anything.
    Two ended up getting PM9's as we couldn't even find 380 at that time and to ended up with the little Taurus? 380's. 709 or something like that.

    Would like to have been able to play with it more to see if I could get it to run.

    Glad yours is running.
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