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Thread: How many Lawmen use Kahr for back up or off duty.

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    I'm a retired LEO with a total of 30 years, and 10 years in armed data center security for a medical IT company after that. For the vast majority of those years, I was forced to lug around an issued Glock G22. Glocks simply work, and my last duty Gen 3 G22 (given to me by the PD when I retired) is my nightstand gun. However, I'm just tired of the damned things, and I guess I'm looking for a little bling in my old age. I live in and frequent areas with very little crime, and my every day pocket carry is now either my CW380 or Seecamp LWS32. If I have to go to a dicey area, I'll strap on my S&W Shield 9mm. And if for some reason I have to travel to the hood in Kansas City, I've got my trusty G22 to take with me.

    Now that I've experienced Kahr with my new-to-me CW380, I'm thinking about selling the Shield and replacing it with either a K9 or MK9.

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    You might also give some strong consideration to the little CM9. I keep one in my right hand jeans pocket at all times---very comforting.

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    I'm old school. While I admit the new polymer frames are lighter, and do reduce felt recoil. I LOVE old school all metal firearms. Guess that's why I still carry a 1911 as my EDC.
    Anyway, I have a K9 and love it. I also have a PM9 and it's great for pocket carry. You can't go wrong with any Kahr.
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    I carried a Kahr K9 as my back-up, strapped to my vest. Then I went to an agency that restricts on-duty carry to issued Glocks, but they do issue a G27 for back-up, so I try not to complain.

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    PM9 is my on duty back up in a Renegade ankle holster. I've never found a 9mm as small that's also 100% reliable and as accurate as the PM9.

    It's also been my occasional off duty as well. After a recent incident off duty, however, I'm carrying a compact double stack and probably will on a permanent basis.

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