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Thread: First Range Trip with MDE

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    ToXic U4ia Guest

    Default First Range Trip with MDE

    First of all:
    This is my first post here!
    I'm from Michigan, the Lapeer area.

    Second of all, I have a new warm weather EDC, the Micro Desert Eagle!

    In the first 50 rounds I had to hold the slide open and remove the mag one time...It would not feed the bullet. (I was shooting WWB JFN).

    150 shots latter not a hiccup!!
    Well, one hiccup. 200 rounds in one session will give you a raw spot on your trigger finger from it hitting the gaurd on recoil.

    Other than that, it's a cool looking, reliable, little mouse.

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    ToXic U4ia Guest


    :33: Finally got the MDE out to the range again.

    Another 100 rounds of WWB JFN, Zero issues!

    I put some grip tape on the front, back (of the grip) and front of the magazine base. Helps allot; the gun doesn't shift in your hand on recoil.

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    Hey guys, dont mean to dig this up from the past, but i'm interested in an update. I'm looking into a MDE for a back up, and wanted some real world input

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    ToXic U4ia Guest


    I put another 50 rounds down range, WWB FN.
    The tally thus far is 350 rounds and one miss-feed with the second magazine fired. (Corrections form my first post. Range notes really help)

    I bought my MDE in April of this year from Gallery of Guns; test fire date is 11/04/2009.

    What I've noticed on the net is the early 2009 guns have had some issues.

    You may want to check this review from Gun Blast.com:

    Here is a couple more from actual gun magazines:


    If you do end up with one, put grip tape on the front and rear back strap. This keeps the gun firmly in your hand, and stops the trigger guard bite.

    Let us know what you decide,

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    So what ammo did you stick with for carry?

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