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Thread: What's The Best Gun Grease?

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    Default What's The Best Gun Grease?

    I know that there are differing opinions on whether or not to use a grease on semi-auto pistols. I am one of those that prefers to use a lubricant on all the metal components of a pistol and also grease on the heavy contact points. I've been doing Internet research on this subject and so far it appears that the three most popular gun grease products are Tetra Gun Grease, Jardine's Extreme, and Mil-Comm TW25B. I'd appreciate opinions on which gun grease is the best and why?

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    I have heard mentioned here good things about TW25B, but the price of these synthetices are high. I just been using Hopps Gun Oil Elite. a little goes a long way.
    I cut the applicator tube for a very small hole. Also apply to Q-tip, helps get into tight areas. I also use Rem oil spray can with Teflon. Both seem to do a good job!
    Just my opinion.

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    Shooter's Choice works best for me. I have tried several others, including an offering from Wilson Combat. But, always come back to Shooter's Choice in its easy-to-use syringe.

    It is a temperature-stable synthetic that adheres well but does not slow down the action of my smaller pistols.

    Cabela's carries it if your local stores do not.

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    The give and take... which lube... is something that needs to be considered in conjunction with the use of the gun.

    Oils evaporate, fly off, and generally just "dry out". While wet, oils tend to attract dust, but not bigger stuff, like sand or heavy grit. They will collect burn powder and thicken.

    Grease tends to not fly off as easily, and they tend to not dry out. They do hold dust and grit, and also sand and larger stuff, because they have the thicker consistency, and staying power to do so.

    Consider the use of the gun - target only, daily carry, prior to range session, or weeks - perhaps - of unattended carry. Consider the heat - which makes oils run, and grease thin out.

    Consider the environment - pocket carry? Holster? Nightstand? Range box only?

    And consider the parts of the gun that contact each other and the manner and force in which they do so.


    I like grease for barrel locking surfaces. Those take the highest amount of abuse, and grease does the best job there - since it stays put. And... I tend to not shoot 100's of rounds through the gun at a time. When I go to the range, I usually will carry some CLP and thin stuff out a bit with it, if the pistol gets sluggish.

    Oil on triggers, pins, drawbars, hammers, sears... etc. Low force contact areas.

    Thin grease - like TW25b on slide rails.


    Using green synthetic marine grease for locking surfaces on the barrel and slide. This stuff does not fly off, period. It stays put, and does not thin out much with heat. Just a dab... very light dab... is all ya need.

    CLP and/or USGI weapons oil where oil is needed.

    TW25b serves as light grease for rails and sometimes for trigger work, where the gun will be shot a lot, and get hot. TW25b does tend to thin and run with heat.

    YMMV, see the lube chart, best of luck, etc etc

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    What he said^^^^. I have used white lithium grease to good effect, but really took some time to learn that.
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    There was this guy that goes to the range where I shoot that had some high temp grease that he always used sold by Radio Shack of all places. He said his guns ran shooth as silk with it and it never runs. I dont know if I would try it but it was a huge tube he had for only 3 dollars I believe. If I remember right it wasn't lithium it was almost clear.

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    Tetra Gun Grease, Jardine's Extreme, and Mil-Comm TW25B.
    Shooter's Choice
    green synthetic marine grease
    white lithium grease
    Probably will all work just fine, plus the many more that have not been mentioned just yet.

    I'm using MilTW25B right now, per Jocko's suggestion and it is working just fine. I've tried oils and silicones too and they all worked just fine too. Grease does stay put and does not "appear" to evaporate - even though the parts are probably still lubricated and protected with oils and dry products...we just don't see it. We like to see it, so we grease it.

    Because I can see it, I believe a grease on the rails, barrel and even the recoil spring guides is best choice; with good oil on the rest. TW25B products may cost a little more, but the TW25B oils and grease products work compatibly, so that's what I use.

    However, I wouldn't sweat it too much. Keep it clean and lubed and if your gun runs well with it...use it. Have fun, shoot, dry fire train, and be prepared. Just my opinion.
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    I was using Tetra grease on the rails and in the grooves... just a little... and Tetra oil on everything else. lately, I've just been using the Tetra oil on everything. I wet the rails and use a bit in the grooves. Elsewhere, I put a drop here and there and work the action and then use a paper towel or rag to wipe off the excess. Dripping is not good and too wet in some areas can be blown out with firing pressures.

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    Gun Butter Grease, its not too thick, doesnt dry up, stays put and seems to lubricate very well in my opinion.

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    Yeah I use gun butter on the slide rails and any other areas that only need a very small drop. Tetra grease on the surface areas of the barrel and slide.

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