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Thread: CM9 Break in

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    I have gotten 200+ of white box through mine and plan to shoot another 100 through tomorrow. NO problems. So much more reliable trigger than the LC9. When I went to trade my LC9 in, the gunshop guy told me that every one of them they have sold, has come back to them. I put the houge jr grip on it and it feels great. Maybe a little trimming is needed but overall the Kahr CM9 is a great little gun. My 12 year old even enjoyed shooting it, but he liked the S&W Model 60 .357 (rental) better. I guess thats whats next for us.

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    That's really good to hear about your CM9. Mine has been great too at 300+ rounds. I ordered the Hogue jr grip and it should arrive today. I'll try to go to the range tomorrow and try it out with the new grip.

    I looked at the LC9 when it was announced but the size difference between that and my previous CW9 was minimal. Then I heard about the CM9 announcement and decided to hold out for it. I'm glad I did.

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