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Thread: Looking for quality yet inexpensive ccw

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    I've carried more guns then I care to list and I keep going back to my CW9. I carry OWB (hate IWB) and I like having my pinky on the grip, helps my accuracy. IMO the CW9 is the perfect size, weight, calibur, and price for CCW. I've shot it like I stole it and never any problems. If Kahr ever comes out with a CM45 then I will give it a look. But until then I love my CW9.

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    I have a cw40 and a k40 both have been flawless shooters from day one. The only problem I have had with the cw40 was by my own fault when putting the slide stop back in and bending the slide stop spring causing slide to lock open after every round ,the great guys on this forum helped with that problem ,just bent it back and have had no trouble . As for the k40 which is out of the price range you are looking at I took that gun out of the box and bag it was in loaded it up and shot 50rnds wit no issues. I think my next gun is gonna be a k9 ss.

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