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Thread: First time with a CM9, or any Kahr for that matter

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    Welcome to KahrTalk!

    It seems that the first time out reports have been more issue free for the CM9 than its gilded elder brother PM9.

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    I just picked up my CM9 last night, and am hoping to get to the range this week, or this weekend at the latest. It's my first Kahr; I bought it based on reviews and a lot of research. I did some preliminary reading on the precleaning and racking of the slide. I took it apart last night, but have not cleaned it yet. I just wanted to take it apart to know how to do it. It's a little different than my Sig and S&W M&P. I do plan to clean and prep it tonight so it is ready for my first range time with it in the next few days. I do have one question: is it normal that the magazine does not drop out of the firearm when the mag release is pressed? Does this loosen up over time, or do you always have to pull it out of the mag well? It seems awfully tight to me.

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    Sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it gets looser. Search the archives about that as my mind escapes my and there are solutions there to be had.
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    Thanks. I found what I was looking for-I should've done that before asking...

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