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  1. Marketplace Rules
  2. LNIB Kahr P9 Covert
  3. For Sale SOLD! Kahr P9/Nights with LAST Price drop - (NC)
  4. WTT Kahr E9 (AL)
  5. Wtt a khar pm40 ftf (in)
  6. WTS Kahr PM45 FTF Jacksonville, FL area
  7. SOLD Kahr TP9 - $490.00
  8. For Sale WTS PM40 or Trade for PM8 FTF in KCMO
  9. WTS/WTT: Kahr CW9 DFW, Tx
  10. For Sale HURRY.. KILLER DEAL.. MK9 for $475???
  11. WTS PM40--Fort Worth, TX
  12. WTT a Kahr K9 for a g34 or g17L FTF Indiana
  13. WTT unfired and new P380..
  14. For Sale Kahr MK40 Elite 2003
  15. For Sale MK9 Elite98
  16. For Sale SOLD WTS Kahr TP45 w/NS (MI)
  18. SPF--WTS MK9 East TN $475 shipped--SPF
  19. WTS: Kahr K9 Elite 98
  20. For Sale Pm40
  21. For Trade WTT - NEW Sig Sauer P238 for Kahr K9, MK9, or K40
  22. Wts kahr cw9!
  23. For Sale SOLD - WTS Kahr TP45 (MI) with Night Sights
  24. For Sale Like New Kahr P45 Pistol !!!
  25. For Sale MK9 elite 03 Pennsylvania
  26. For Sale Kahr CW9
  27. Wts-e9
  28. WTT S&W 351 PD for Kahr P9 / TRADED 1-31-10
  29. For Trade Kahr K40 for trade
  30. SOLD: Kahr MK9 Elite 2003 w/ Night Sights (KC, MO)
  31. WTS/WTT Kahr MK9
  32. SPF: Kahr CW9 and CW40 Pistols SPF
  33. For Sale WTS Kahr PM45 Black Diamond with NS
  34. For Sale MK9 FS or FT (MS)
  35. For Sale PM45 Stainless (PM4543)
  36. CW9 - Sold!
  37. Kahr MK9 for sale...
  38. For Sale Kahr PM9 +Accesories **SOLD**
  39. For Sale SOLD!! BNIB Kahr PM9 2-tone + 3 mags + Nemesis Superfly holster - PRICE DROP!
  40. For Sale Pm 9 two-tone PRICE LOWERED FOR QUICK SALE. SOLD
  41. PM45 carry package
  42. WTS Kahr T40 SW Ohio
  43. wtt/wts pm45(wi) gotta get sold. 500 shipped
  44. For Sale K9 with Checkered Front Strap for sale in NC
  45. WTS OR WTT Kahr K40
  46. Want to Buy Kahr T9
  47. Want to Buy PM45 - not anymore, thanks
  48. For Sale P9 Black Diamond w/night sights
  49. WTT MK9 for PM9
  50. K9 FS Cerakoted,Highnoon Holster
  51. WTB - CW9 - Florida
  52. wrong area sorry moved
  53. Want to Buy pm 45
  54. For Sale **SOLD**Brand New (never fired) CW9 w/2 mags ($400 FTF SW Missouri)**SOLD**
  55. For Sale sold
  56. For Sale ***SOLD*** - PM9 in KCMO FTF
  57. For Sale **No Longer for Sale**
  58. Want to Buy Kahr P9 Cylinder & Slide Pkg
  59. WTS: Kahr PM9 & Extras $620.00
  60. WTB: >>> SATISFIED <<< Kahr PM9 all black DLC
  61. For Sale Kahr K40 Covert - Mirror Polish with Wood Grips (Twin Cities, MN)
  62. Want to Buy Kahr P9 covert (factory)
  63. WTS Kahr PM-45 in MT
  64. ****SOLD**** Kahr PM9 w/DLC & night sights (WA)
  65. wtb/trade pm 45 for cw45 or?
  66. TRADE MADE / PM9 for P380
  67. For Sale Kahr PM40 Indiana
  68. K9 Wilson Combat
  69. removed
  70. Removed
  71. TRADED P9 w/ BDC and NS - LNIB (Kentucky)
  72. For Sale Cw 45
  73. 2 Quality NIB Holsters for P380, LCP, or P3AT
  74. For Sale Kahr E9 in VG condition.
  75. For Sale WTS: Kahr MK9 2003 Elite with extras
  76. Want to Buy Kahr TP9
  77. Want to Buy WTB Kahr T9 (AL)
  78. Sold
  79. sold
  80. For Sale Glock - 23 ** SOLD **
  81. WTS - K9 Elite - Combo Package
  82. For Sale LNIB Kahr K9 SS 9mm $475 shipped (PA)
  83. For Sale Kahr CW40 w/ammo pkg. Orlando, FL - SOLD
  84. WTB K9 stainless
  85. PM 9 w/goodies for sale-Texas
  86. Wts mk9 dfw
  87. WTS Kahr PM40, Brommeland & Bearclaw Holsters
  88. WTT: Sig P238 + $200 for your BLACK PM9
  89. Kahr CW4543with night sights for sale.
  90. WTS - 250 round KAHR CW9 !SOLD!
  91. Wts: kahr p9 with ctc grips and night sights
  92. WTT PM9 for K9
  93. Fs/ft kahr tp 45
  94. FS K9 wood grips
  95. For Sale WTT-WTS:CW PM 9 or 45 Delete All Gone thanks
  96. WTS: Kahr PM9 TT w/NS SPF Kahr P380 BOTH SOLD!!!!..
  97. Want to Buy pm9, pm40, pm45 Nashville, tn area
  98. WTS Kahr CW9 and K9 ( MO )
  99. deleted due to duplicate sorry....
  100. For Sale **SOLD Pending Funds** Kahr 45 acp -- CW45 mint with all
  101. For Sale WTS Kahr SS MK9 9mm Night Sights+ Mitch Rosen Holster
  102. For Sale P228, P220 Carry SAO, Kahr PM9 DLC, S&W 642, Browning Buckmark, Ruger 10/22
  103. PM9 DLC package
  104. kahr pm9 dlc for p380 or.....????
  105. Wts/wtt pm45 (al) **gone**
  106. WTB pm9 or cw9
  107. Somebody might be interested: WTS K40 $500+shipping
  108. For Sale p380 stainless with nite sites (ct)
  109. FS/FT: Kahr MK9 w/ holsters, extra mag, ammo!
  110. For Sale SOLD, Kahr PM9 w/ Trijicon Night Sights (NC)
  111. For Sale WTS: Brand New Kahr PM9 ** SOLD **
  112. For Trade PM9 Black Diamond in KY
  113. WTT/WTS Kahr TP45 For Kahr PM9 OR PM40 Lexington KY
  114. For Sale CT Laser Grips PM9
  115. WTB Kahr K9 Blackened Stainless
  116. For Trade Trade P380 for PM9
  117. Mirror Polished PM9 Slide Assy for Sale (South FL)
  118. WTT MK9 Elite 03 package for 1911 in OHIO
  119. For Sale Kahr PM40 w/ night sights, like new
  120. FTF TRADE Lexington Ky PM9 for MK9 or MK40
  121. For Sale WTS/WTT: Kahr P40 Covert (GA)
  122. For Trade SOLD!PM9 with Crimson Trace for a PM45
  123. Fs: Kahr k4043n
  124. For Sale New PM9 DLC reduced to $525 shipped!
  125. fs: cw 45
  126. WTS: PM9 Chicago Area (Northern Suburbs)
  127. For Trade trade my PM9 for your MK9
  128. For Sale Kahr P380
  129. For Sale CW9 - Night Sights
  130. WTS CW9 new
  131. For Sale Kahr PM9, OHio (pic)
  132. For Sale Kahr K9
  133. For Sale Kahr CW9-PA SOLD
  134. SOLD: Kahr P40 Covert
  135. For Sale SOLD Kahr P9 Covert w/ New Meprolight Night Sights (NC)
  136. For Sale New at used Prices.
  137. For Sale *SOLD PENDING FUNDS** Kahr P45 and 4 mags in Missouri (or ship) - Picture Added! **
  138. For Sale: Almost new K9_Black with 3-dot sights_SOLD
  139. For Sale: Kahr TP9 (8 round, full size grip) - SOLD
  140. For Trade deleted
  141. For Sale LNIB pm40 in SC
  142. SOLD: Kahr CW45 with new style Trijicon nite sights
  143. WTS TP45-Arkansas
  144. For Sale Kahr P380
  145. WTT Kahr PM 40 for Kahr PM9
  146. For Sale Kahr PM9 - Cancelled -
  147. WTS: Kahr P40 Covert Model (TX) -- 2nd and final price drop -- PICS ADDED
  148. For Trade WTT-WTS: Kahr P40 for Kahr PM9 SW OHIO
  149. For Sale Kahr PM9 with Night Sights and Extras Like New
  150. Delete
  151. For Trade Kahr P9 Black + Supertuck!!!
  152. For Sale CW40 excellent condition like new
  153. Please ignore or delete - wrong section
  154. For Sale SOLD SOLD SOLD Kahr CW9,Minnesota,MN 325.00 FTF
  155. WTT: Sig P238 for PM9
  156. WTS NE Kahr P9 +/- CrossBreed SuperTuck
  157. WTS / WTT Kahr PM9 black
  158. Wts,wtt Glock 26 (pa) SOLD SOLD
  159. Sold at Tampa gun Show Kahr MK-9
  160. For Sale Brand new Kahr CW9
  161. For Sale WTS K9 Wilson Combat
  162. Pm9
  163. WTT my TP9 for a K9
  164. WTS- Like new Kahr P380 stainless w/ custom job, NS
  165. Wts,wtt (pa) SOLD
  166. For Sale Kahr P40 Covert FS
  167. WTT K40 for CW9
  168. For Sale Kahr P380 (Md)
  169. WTS: PM40 Black Slide with NS
  170. For Sale Kahr PM40 (SOLD)
  171. For Sale Kahr pm 45
  172. For Sale Like new Kahr PM9 black DLC w/ night sights SOLD
  173. For Sale **SOLD**, Kahr PM45, low round count, priced to move (Pics added)
  174. For Sale *SPF*Kahr E9+holsters $475/$350/obo in Michigan*SPF*
  175. For Sale Hard to Find Kahr T9 with night sights
  176. For Sale SOLD Kahr P380 LNIB (UT) SOLD
  177. Retracted
  178. Kahr P380
  179. For Sale NIB Kahr CM9 9mm Pistols !!!
  180. For Trade Kahr CW40 for CW9 (NE)
  181. For Sale Kahr PM9 1-owner. (SOLD)
  182. WTS Kahr CW9 (AZ)
  183. For Sale WTS Kahr TP45 w nite sights
  184. For Sale or Trade: Kahr K9
  185. Want to Buy WTB Kahr PM9 w/black slide
  186. FS in Central TX - Kahr CW9 covert
  187. Fs/trade Black pm9 night sight
  188. *****************
  189. For Sale WTS/WTT Stainless Kahr MK9
  190. WTB: Black PM40 w/ NS
  191. WTB Kahr cw9
  192. For Trade K40 Covert, Holsters, Mags
  193. FS: Kahr PM40 Black Diamond, Fixed Sights
  194. For Sale Kahr P9 4 mags + Holsters
  195. wts Kahr pm45 with mitch rosen IWB holster AZ
  196. WTS Kahr PM9 W/Night sights TRADED
  197. WTB P380 and PM9 - only from CA seller
  198. Kahr PM40 with Night sites in MASS
  199. For Sale Pm9 dlc
  200. WTS Kahr PM9 with CTC Laser, LIKE NEW!
  201. WTS Kahr CW9 w/ 2 Magazines and Crossbreed Mini-Tuck
  202. KAHR PM9 (black Slide) with Crimson Trace laser
  203. For Sale Like new Kahr P40 with night sights
  204. For Sale WTS P380--sold
  205. For Sale Kahr PM9 and LH Silent Thunder
  206. For Sale New Custom Kahr CM9 - Professionally Polished
  207. wts kahr t9 with handmade holster
  208. For Sale PM9 DLC, Night Sights, 3 Mags, Extras
  209. For Trade Kahr PM9 for 1911
  210. Want to Buy Wtb: Pm9
  211. For Sale Kahr K40 "b"
  212. WTT My Keltec Pf9 +cash for Pm9
  213. WTS P380 (Mint)
  214. For Sale Kahr CW9 and P380 Like new(Florida)
  215. For Sale Kahr P380 Carry Package (NC) < SOLD >
  216. For Sale WTS/WTT Kahr T9 (3 mags, custom molded leather holster)
  217. For Sale NIB Kahr T-9
  218. For Sale Kahr K9 (pink/black) (TX)***SOLD***
  219. For Sale Kahr CM9 extra mag and 2 holsters
  220. For Sale New Crimson Trace Laser for CM9, PM9, PM40, CW9, CW40 - LG-437
  221. Kahr cm9 .... Just bought last week..
  222. WTS: Kahr K40 and Leupold Scope
  223. For Trade CW9 for CM9
  224. For Sale Wts pm9 ***withdrawn*****
  225. For Sale WTS P40 Magna-ported (SOLD)
  226. For Sale Used e 9 kahr
  227. For Trade Delete
  228. SOLD WTS Kahr K9 "Lady K"
  229. wts Kahr pm45 with mitch rosen IWB holster AZ
  230. For Sale Kahr PM9 DLC w/night sights (PA) *SOLD*
  231. No longer available
  232. Delete
  233. For Sale Cm9
  234. For Sale Sssssoooooolllllllddddddddd
  235. Please delete.
  236. For Sale delete
  237. Kahr cm9
  238. Want to Buy (Delete) WTB - cm9 / pm9
  239. For Sale Kahr MK9 w/night sights--SOLD
  240. sold
  241. For Sale Limited Edition MK9, Michigan
  242. For Sale FS CW9 with 2 Holsters
  243. For Sale DLC P40 Standard sights
  244. WTB: Not anymore
  245. Want to Buy Kahr factory magazines for CM9 or PM9
  246. No longer available, thank you.
  247. For Sale ***SOLD***Kahr T9...NIB (Amherst, NH)
  249. For Sale PM9 with XS night sights SOLD!!!
  250. SOLD Kahr CW9 Package w/Three Holsters GEORGIA