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  1. Marketplace Rules
  2. For Sale WTS: Kahr MK9 Holsters and Factory Wood Grip (+hex screws) - AK
  3. For Sale WTS P9/CW9 Ported Barrel and 9mm Pearce Grip Extensions
  4. For Sale Mitch Rosen Leather for Kahr k40/p40/cw40/p45/cw45
  5. TRADE OVER: 2 Pearce Extensions for 1 Factory Poly Plate
  6. Lefty (handed that is) stuff for sale! (Price Reduced)
  7. FREE RH Comp-Tac MTAC for PM9 for a Veteran
  8. WTS Three 8 round mags
  9. For Trade Mk9 7rd mag for 6rd mag
  10. C. Rusty Sherrick's U.S. High ride for PM9 / MK9
  11. For Sale CW45 holsters
  12. WTS C-TAC for P9
  13. For Sale thompson 100 rd drum & violin case Illinois
  14. For Sale Tucker Cover-Up IWB holster for Kahr PM9/CM9 - $55 shipped
  15. FS: HighNoonPocketHolster PM/MK9
  16. FS: RKBA Pocket Holster PM/MK9--SOLD
  17. FS: PCS Tomahawk Pocket Holster for PM/MK9 - SOLD
  18. For Sale Left handed Comp-tac Minataur IWB holster for CW45
  19. For Sale Mitch Rosen workman MK 40 price reduced
  20. For Sale WTS holster from GA
  21. Kahr 7rd CW9/P9/K9 mags (SPF)
  22. (SOLD): Beltman - bullhide 1.5" belt 38" Black, excellent condition
  23. Kahr CM9, PM9, CW9, CW40 CT laser and holster
  24. Comp-Tac Minotaur for P45
  25. For Sale Holster, Mag Pouch and Mag for sale in PA
  26. For Sale Nice holsters for PM9, CM9, etc...
  27. For Sale ** 9mm BRASS Blowout Sale **
  28. For Sale DeSantis Pro Stealth ItW holster
  29. For Sale WTS Veridian GLK Laser Sight
  30. WTT PM9 mags for PM/MK40 mags.
  31. For Sale Ruger 10/22 wood stock
  32. For Trade WTT Used Galco Walkabout IWB Holster RH in Florida
  33. For Sale Holsters! Used, Low Price Crossbreed, Silent Thunder, Don Hume
  34. For Trade Gen4 Glock 23
  35. For Sale Brand new 1911 tuckable holster
  36. WTS crimson trace laser
  37. For Sale NIB Hogue Handall Jr. #18000
  38. WTS: NIB Tractiongrips
  39. For Sale WTS - Ritchie Mag Pouch
  40. For Sale Whole Bunch of Holsters (PA)
  41. For Sale Kahr Holsters & Mags (PA)
  42. For Sale EMP Holster
  43. DeSantis Super Fly Holster For Sale
  44. For Sale Comp-Tac Minotaur Holster for Kahr P45 FS or FT SPF
  45. For Sale MK9 / PM9 Pocket Holster
  46. For Sale ***S O L D**Crimson Trace LG-437 for P9, PM9, P40, PM40, CM9, CW9, CW40, TP9 and TP40
  47. For Sale FS: MS Watch Six, Remora, Two mags for P9/CW9 --> Sold as pkg, $95
  48. Crossbreed Microclip for PM9
  49. GunVault 2000c Sale , expires TODAY
  50. For Sale Kahr MK9/MK40 Factory Grips with Grip Screws !!!
  51. Holsters and 1911 stuff
  52. For Sale Blackhawk Holster & 3 Mag Cases for HK P30
  53. WTS: Kahr P45 Magazine
  54. WTS Blade-Tech IWB Kahr PM9 - $50
  55. Kahr P9 Extended Mag 8 rounder New in package
  56. For Sale 1911 Holsters
  57. For Sale (1) 6rd PM9/MK9 Magazine
  58. P40 Milt Sparks Black VM2 *NEW* Price Lowered
  59. WTB: Comp-Tac Infidel for Kahr CW9
  60. FS: Holsters
  61. For Sale Guru Pocket Holster (PM 9/40) (Sold Pending Funds)
  62. For Sale WTT/WTS -- New Sig P239 holster
  63. Holsters For Sale
  64. For Sale LC9 Mags
  65. For Sale PM 45 - 6 rd ext magazines
  66. For Sale P9/K9/CW9 Mag, Holster and Mag Pouch
  67. Ruger LCP mags for sale
  68. Bianchi Leather Belt - 36" ***SOLD ***- $30 shipped.
  69. For Sale **traded**
  70. FS PM/MK9 mags and PM9 CT laser (LG437).
  71. For Sale K820 (9mm) mag and two K725 (45cal) - SOLD
  72. WTS Glock High cap. mag.
  73. Reposted - price reduced
  74. Crimson Trace LaserGrip Kahr Arms P9/PM9/P40/PM40 LG437
  75. Kahr 7 Round Extended Grip Magazine
  76. For Sale PM 45 - 6 rd ext magazine
  77. For Sale Two (2) P380 Magazines
  78. For Sale Various 380 holsters (Ritchie, U. George, Fist, Bell Charter, Garrett) {NY}
  79. Relisted - Price reduced - WTS (Oregon) 1942 Joseph H. Mosser holster
  80. FS / FT Crimson Trace Laser Grips for Kahr K9/40
  81. For Sale IWB for Kahr MK9
  82. For Trade CZ P-01 for Kahr MK9
  83. Desantis Superfly Holster for various Kahrs
  84. FS - Rgrizzle PM9 IWB & Andrews Mag Carrier
  85. PM9/MK9 holsters P45 mag
  86. For Sale Desantis Pro Stealth holster for Kahr PM9 with Crimson laser
  87. WTS - How low should I go ?
  88. For Sale Galco Executive shoulder holster for G26/27/33 plus..
  89. Two Kahr .40 cal 6rd mags for sale--SPF
  90. For Sale (2) P380 6 Round Magazine
  91. For Sale SOLD P380 Magazines
  92. For Sale 1" Scope mounting rings
  93. For Sale Kahr K night sights
  94. For Sale - Silent Thunder PM/CM 9 (MO)
  95. For Sale High Noon Holsters Slide Guard holster for CW9/P9/CW40. Practically new!
  96. Holsters
  97. For Sale Ritchie holster
  98. WTB MK40 stuff.
  99. For Sale Pm9-mk9-cw9-cm9 holster FS/FT
  100. For Sale Don Hume Holster for Glock 26/27/33
  101. For Sale WTS Armalaser and 2 holsters (OHIO)
  102. K9 Crimson Trace grips
  103. PM9 Crossbreed ST for sale
  104. PM9 VM2 for sale
  105. For Sale PM9 and PM40 mags
  106. WTS $100 Sports Authority Gift Card
  107. For Sale Garrett Silent Thunder Slim II Holster NOW $65 - Right Handed
  108. For Sale MMC rear sight off a T9
  109. For Sale Remora 3C Holster, New in package.
  110. WTS: Comp-tac CTAC holster for MK9 (new) + Mag pouch (new)
  111. PM9 custom CB holster
  112. WTS Kahr pm/cm/mk 715 don hume rh holster
  113. For Sale PM9 CM9 RH Holster
  114. For Sale CM9/PM9/PM40 pocketholsters.com holster
  115. For Sale PM40 5 round flush fit magazine.
  116. Holsters,SS guide rod P380
  117. FS: reduced prices.........ROSEN & GARRETT HOLSTERS FOR KAHR PM45
  118. For Sale Alessi talon plus RH PM9,MK9,CM9
  119. Want to Buy CW9 Holster
  120. FS: P380 Magazines
  121. For Sale SIG branded Compact 1911 Rosewood Grips, $39.95
  122. For Sale Remora 3C Concealment Holster
  123. For Sale Kimber 22LR Conversion Kit w/ Six Mags (REDUCED)
  124. For Sale US ARMY/AIR FORCE Survial Knife
  125. For Sale Colt AR-15 30 Round 5.56 Magazines
  126. For Sale Generec fit holster...left or right.
  127. For Sale WTS: Pocket Holster for P380
  128. For Sale Garrett Industries Silent Thunder RH OWB Holster
  129. For Sale Mitch Rosen RH IWB Holster for PM/CM/MK/ect.
  130. For Sale Holsters and mags (Price reduction)
  131. Kahr PM/CM/MK holsters and mags
  132. For holster sales, put left or right handed in the title.
  133. For sale or trade: Comp-tac CTAC for Kahr P45
  134. Galco Yaqui paddle holster for Kahr 9/40 black RH
  135. For Trade WTT -- 2011 MacBook Air 11" -- WI
  136. WTS New
  137. For Sale Holsters
  138. Custom K9 grips
  139. wtt pm9 6 rd mag for pm9 7 rd mag
  140. For Sale WTS Walker's Power Ear Muff
  141. WTT 7 round mag for your 6
  142. For Sale MK9 SS Guide rod/spring
  143. For Sale Armalaser Small box
  144. Want to Buy RM Lowrider (RH) for Kahr PM9
  145. For Sale - Pearce Grip PG-MK9
  146. For Sale Spyderco Delica
  147. For Sale WTS: Holsters - P-380 Mitch Rosen & 1911 Milt Sparks
  148. For Sale New TT Gunleather Reinforced IWB PM9/CM9 R/H
  149. For Sale Crimson Trace LG-437 for PM9/PM40 and DM Bullard Holster
  150. For Sale 2 Holster deal: pocket and RH IWB for CM9/PM9 w/CT
  151. For Sale Kahr K920G mag
  152. For Sale CW9/P9 Kydex Holster, 8rd 9MM Mag
  153. For Sale Crimson Trace for Kahr. (SPF)
  154. Mitch Rosen Clipper R/H P40 Sold
  155. Ruger 10/22 Wooden Folding Stock Federal Ordinance Early 80's
  156. For Sale WTS: New H.B.E right handed IWB holster MK & recoil spring assembly MK9 - FL
  157. For Sale VZ Grips Gator Back red-black linen grips for 1911
  158. WTT Crossbreed Snap Slide
  159. For Sale 4 holsters (RH) Kahr, 1911, L frame
  160. For Sale Crimson Trace, Mags for Kahr K40
  161. For Sale WTS Modified Right hand PJ Holster for PM/CM--$25 shipped (SPF)
  162. 9mm Laser Trainer Cartridge
  163. .45 ACP Laser Trainer Cartridge
  164. Crimson Trace LG437 for Kahr pistols $150
  165. Sig Sauer P232 OEM parts and Hogue grips for sale.
  166. Crossbreed mini-tuck for kahr pm9 with ct laser
  167. WTS Holsters and Mags for Kahr pistols
  168. WTB Cross breed or Comptac for P45
  169. NAA Pug Pocket Holster
  170. For Sale WTS RH "Cuda" holster by Simply Rugged for 1911s (CO)
  171. For Sale 8rnd 9mm Mag & holster
  172. For Sale Crimson Trace LG-433 for Kahr P380
  173. WTS KAHR K series WOOD GRIPS***SOLD***
  174. For Sale Glock Holsters (PA)
  175. For Sale Comptac CTAC for PM45 (LH)
  176. For Sale Xtreme Tacitcal 30mm Scope Rings
  177. For Sale New large 18" X 30" gun mats
  178. For Sale Kahr MK40 mags
  179. For Sale Rt hand Remora holster & double mag pouch Kahr CW
  180. For Sale LH Blackhawk IWB Kahr CW9 and similar
  181. For Sale Delete Please
  182. For Sale Brommeland IWB for Kahr PM/MK9 {NY}
  183. WTS holsters
  184. For Sale Kahr Crimson Trace and K40 Magazines
  185. For Sale Mitch Rosen 5JR OWB Holsters for Kahr P380 w/CT & Kahr MK9/PM9/CM9 (LH)
  186. WTS/WTT Three Kahr 7 rd 40 S&W W/Grip Extension "K720G" magazines ***Fort Worth***
  187. For Sale Beretta Shoulder Leather black holster for 92FS.
  188. FS: Ammo in SW Florida
  189. Kahr CW45 6rd Magazine
  190. WTS- Crimson Tracle LG-661 for M&P compact models
  191. For Sale RH PM9 holsters, holders and mags ALL SOLD
  192. *Unlisted* 47D for a MK620?
  193. For Sale lh kahr branded crossbreed minituck for pm and some others
  194. For Sale Various RH/Ambi Holsters (see inside for list) and one belt - PA
  195. For Sale Right Hand p380 holsters
  196. For Sale Galco Ankle Glove/Desantis fanny pack/Hogue grip
  197. For Sale LH hosters for K9 & others plus wood grips
  198. pearce grip extensions for Pm/Cm/MK9mm
  199. Cleanout
  200. WTS RH PJ Holster IWB & Single Mag Carrier for CM9
  201. Kahr PM9 High Noon Alter Ego Holster (tuckable)
  202. For Sale K9 barrel and DeSantis Tuck This 2.
  203. For Sale lefty holsters garretts (sold)
  204. For Sale CrossBreed Minituck IWB Horsehide for Kahr PM9 $60.00 Shipped
  205. For Sale James Dean Horse Hide Pocket Holster, PM9 CM9 MK9 - **SOLD**
  206. For Sale Kahr PM/CM/MK holsters **SOLD**
  207. For Sale TT Gunleather Holster and Mag Holder
  208. For Trade CW45 mags (actually 1911 Officer mags)
  209. For Sale TT Gunleather Occidental Leather Belt Size 37
  210. For Sale *SOLD* Galco Stow N Go, Pearce extender for CM9
  211. For Sale -SOLD- 3 Kahr PM9,CM9,MK9 Extended 7 Round Magazines
  212. For Sale 3 New Style Kahr K420 6rd Magazines ***Brand New***
  213. For Sale F&R black magpull mbus flip up irons 70 shipped
  214. For Sale leather rear wallet holster
  215. XDm Mags and Mag holders (6 mags !)
  216. WTS: Glock Mags
  217. Kahr P/CW 45 Mag, Kahr Factory Box, Glock Holsters
  218. FS - Brommeland Max Con V for P45 / CW45
  219. For Sale Don Hume OWB holster for PM, CM, MK
  220. High Noon Split Decision CM9 - RH - Tuckable IWB SOLD
  221. SOLD PM9 Mags
  222. Galco Matrix - Withdrawn
  223. DeSantis Pocket Holster
  224. For Sale SOLD: Slide Fire Solutions SSAR-15 OGR (right hand model) "bump stock"
  225. For Sale Sold
  226. For Sale Sold 2 5.11 Tactical Series Gun Belts
  227. For Sale Kahr CW9 P9 4" ported 9mm barrel
  228. WTS: p380 CT laser and RH pocket holster combo and some other non Kahr stuff
  229. For Sale Kahr 7-round 9mm mags
  230. MTAC neutral for P9,PM9 plus magpouch! Bump for $10 redux
  231. FS: Crimson Trace Laserguard
  232. For Sale SOLD! LH: CM/PM/MK9 Holsters - Silent Thunder & Galco
  233. All sold. PM 45 mags. central Florida
  234. For Sale Sold
  235. For Sale CW9 magazines
  236. SOLD / DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster for Kahr PM9/40, P9/40, CM9
  237. For Sale Comptac Infidel (PM9)
  238. For Sale RH tuckable J frame custom holster
  239. For Sale Pro Carry Belt holster right hand
  240. For Sale SOLD Clip On Mag Holders for .380
  241. For Trade (RETRACTED) WTT: Kahr PM9 extended mag for your 6-rounder
  242. For Sale (2) 7rnd 9mm mags
  243. SOLD -Andrews MacDaniel II PM9 CM9 RH $46
  244. For Sale WTS: Kahr K9 Wood Grips *Pics Added*
  245. For Sale Alessi DOJ Holster for Kahr K9
  246. SOLD: Crimson Trace laser for PM9/CM9/P9/PM40/CM40/P40/CW9/CW40/TP9/TP40
  247. WTS: Make Ready with Travis Haley Adaptive Handgun DVD from Panteo
  248. For Sale Sold
  249. For Trade 8 Round 9MM extension mags for older style roman chariots
  250. SOLD Tommy Theis 1911 RH IWB Holster SOLD