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  1. New items on Kahrshop.com
  2. Free hat giveaway is over
  3. Free hat giveaway is over
  4. Alessi holsters still available!!!!
  5. Renegade ankle holsters still available in limited quantites.
  6. Cw night sights now available
  7. I cant' check out on the website...
  8. P380 3-dot Trijicon night sights IN STOCK
  9. Hex grips screws
  10. Online order dropped
  11. CW Fiber Optic Sight
  12. CW-9 Front Night Sight
  13. 1 to 2 weeks? Really?
  14. links broken...
  15. Check out these great new products at Kahrshop.com!
  16. night sights
  17. no kahrshop
  18. Is it Just me or does KahrShop stink! They can't get their act together.
  19. Suprise! Made in USA!
  20. Great service!
  21. fiber optic sights?
  22. Kahr counter pad
  23. Another order incomplete
  24. First experience? Incomplete order of course
  25. Shipping; over the top! Kahr parts sales
  26. barrel screw up
  27. Kahr shop new items
  28. Kahrshop responds to my email A WEEK LATER! Lol!
  29. Few P380 parts for sale
  30. About Shipping to Kahr for Service