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  1. Sight installation
  2. CW40 Trigger
  3. Failure to feed. extractor tension.
  4. laser for CW9
  5. ejecting magazines
  6. PM9 Magazine Catch Leaf Spring
  7. Firing pin protrusion
  8. PM 9 Grip
  9. Dry Firing a Kahr
  10. Kahr P and PM Lube Chart
  11. K40 Extractor Issue
  12. How To "Detail Strip" the Kahr's Upper!
  13. Magazine Catch Removal
  14. New recoil spring
  15. Kahr Serial Number History by WIG19 on GlockTalk
  16. Kahr pm9 side panel removal??
  17. Kahr Manuals and other Resources
  18. E9 customizing and spring questions
  19. ? about plating coming off feed ramp and chamber on PM9.
  20. BBL switch
  21. Failure to Feed - fully
  22. PM .45 Problems
  23. Kahr Lube Diagram
  24. PM45 Trigger Reset problem
  25. Pm45 striker not reseting after dryfire
  26. New Recoil Spring Did The Trick
  27. Lubrication question
  28. ?'s About Plating
  29. Kahr working on accessory rail gun?
  30. Striker springs, are they the same?
  31. K9 Magazine catch broke
  32. ? About Sight Adjustment
  33. Replacement barrel - frunstration / diappointment ..
  34. cw-40/ slide lock spring problems
  35. Kahr Refinish?
  36. night sights any ideas
  37. Does anyone make a metal magazine catch for the PM9?
  38. Ever tired a Heavier Recoil Spring in CW9?
  39. Replacing striker spring information
  40. Striker Question for a P9
  41. Why are the Barrels Plated at all??
  42. HELP! CW9 Detail strip problem
  43. What's your opinion?
  44. Barrel Venders
  45. Fyi; a correction
  46. check this out
  47. Jocko's Custom PM9
  48. That confounded "flange"
  49. MK9 Problem or not?
  50. Please look at my post under MK series
  51. Robar Firearms custom Kahrs AZ style
  52. XS big dot front / Novak rear ????
  53. Trigger Pin moving
  54. An economical option to night sights
  55. Any Theories on Barrel Flaking
  56. Kahr Making a .45 GAP
  57. What you guys think about this review?
  58. Customized slide stops?
  59. Throated Barrel
  60. Magazine Problem/Fix??
  61. CW9 Night Sight problem report on another Forum
  62. PM-9 rear sight off center
  63. Extractor Lube?
  64. Rear sight off center? Try this first
  65. Brass Brush Inside the Barrel?
  66. Cylinder & Slide
  67. How often do you Detail Strip?
  68. Maintenance Kits for guns and magazines.
  69. CW9 Trigger Issue
  70. Trigger Pin working loose
  71. Problem re-assembling PM40
  72. P380 Problems
  73. P380 Recoil Spring Change Out
  74. open carry friendly stores.
  75. Recoil Springs for P9/K9
  76. Kahr trigger work?
  77. PM45 Problem found -- Defect?
  78. Disassembly/Reassembly Of the Kahr P45 Pistol
  79. Just got NIB K9098
  80. for the kahr shooters, alittle help to make this better.
  81. Proper prep of a new kahr
  82. P380 Repairs/Range Report
  83. Kahr custom work
  84. Thanks to Clayton Covel and KAHR
  85. CW45 (and other poly Kahr pistols): issues and fixes
  86. XS big dot front sight
  87. Kahr P9 black diamond coat and Ultrasonic Cleaning
  88. Oil or Grease
  89. Trijicon for PM40?
  90. Robar PM45
  91. Extended mag release
  92. PM9 Disassembly Problem
  93. K720G (7 rnd grip ext.) Mag in PM40 - Something to Fill the Huge Gap?
  94. IONBond or Titanium Flake Refinish
  95. CW Frame question...
  96. where to get P9 Trijicon sight set
  97. Blackened stainless refinish?
  98. cw 45 frame question
  99. CW40 Re-Assembly problem
  100. Novak DCR18, easy installation?
  101. little help with reassembly please
  102. Detail strip K9 lower instructions
  103. Reassembly problem
  104. Should KAHR make the K45 or the MK45 ?
  105. Gunsmiths in Northern VA
  106. PM9 failure to extract by hand
  107. Sights: left-right or right-left
  108. Steve Bedair Stainless Guide Rods
  109. How about an abbreviation thread.
  110. Sights off really bad
  111. Trigger re-install - what's the trick?
  112. Firing pin question (K-9)
  113. Problem found
  114. Slide stop spring tip
  115. Customizing a CW9?
  116. MK9 slide locking back issue
  117. Gritty Trigger Pull
  118. polymer parts & cleaning supplies
  119. removing the keeper pin for the trigger pin
  120. Help/P9 Slide not locking open after last round
  121. cw9 trigger group
  122. Cleaning...How often do you do it?
  123. My sights are off!
  124. PM frame problem?
  125. Wynn's P380 Magazine Modifications
  126. P9 mag release button rusting
  127. Rounds diving in the magazine
  128. Carry magazines: do they need to "rest"?
  129. Lets Get to the Bottom of Kahr Magazine Questions!
  130. Hoppes #9
  131. Magazine release spring
  132. Interesting
  133. what did I do
  134. Pro Mag magazines
  135. Good deals on pinky extensions?
  136. How often do you clean and lube your (unused) guns?
  137. Spray Cleaner comparisons - ingredients
  138. Ever have a slide stop come out while shooting?
  139. DIY pistol stippling
  140. My latest on plating issues
  141. Boomer's Back!
  142. Gloom, despair, and agony!
  143. DLC coating getting marks on it??
  144. How often do you clean/lube your Kahr?
  145. What do you look for/inspect when buying a new Kahr?
  146. Does gun oil have a certain shelf life?
  147. Question about slide stop spring...
  148. Kahr sight removal question...
  149. Recoil spring replacement interval
  150. No Loctite for Plastic use
  151. Where are your ejected brasses landing?
  152. any updates on sn numbers?
  153. few questions after cleaning
  154. PM9 / Mag Insert...
  155. Jammed gun...
  156. Which parts are "drop-in" on a Kahr?
  157. Intermittent premature slide lock with K9 & TP9
  158. Slide Stop Rust Issue
  159. New PM40 & PM9 Range report
  160. Is a "precautionary" re-lucite advisable?
  161. question for veteran Kahr Owners...
  162. Mepro Versus Trijicon ??
  163. heinie sights
  164. P380 Return to Battery Problem
  165. Should Jocko's proper prep thread be a sticky?
  166. Low profile Slide Stop - P380
  167. Cleaning the Channel
  168. Trijicon Night Sights re-lamped
  169. Repeated Chambering of Same Round is Trouble
  170. CW40 dropping Mag Fixed
  171. Has anyone ever heard of a Kahr striker block failure? I never have.
  172. Polish feed ramp
  173. kahr matinence questions
  174. Trigger Pivot Pin Backed Out
  175. Does Kahr use the same extractor for 9mm and .40 pistols?
  176. paracord grip wrap on a P380
  177. I am seriously dissapointed with my bland new T-9...
  178. Polymer pistol frame stippling and modifications
  179. Shipping Back for Repair?
  180. Are CW9 and CW40 slide stops and springs the same size
  181. grip plug
  182. So how often are you guys cleaning your KAHR's?
  183. Brand New MK9- Mag Follower
  184. tetra gun grease
  185. TW25b Question
  186. Question: what's the best cleaning procedure.
  187. Make your own guide rod nut for the recoil spring assembly
  188. Is Kahr open to suggestions?
  189. CW9 Guide Rod and Recoil spring
  190. K9 old or new style slide
  191. Kahr Arms Information and Instruction Links
  192. Pm9 help
  193. Got the dreaded "redneck fix" response from Kahr...
  194. Haveu seen
  195. Kahr Arms Information and Instruction Links
  196. Kahr Polymer Frame Disassembly (Tutorial)
  197. Extractor Question
  198. good service
  199. What to use? Repaint rear sight.
  200. CW9 Stovepiping
  201. Headspacing on Barrel
  202. Having problems feeding? Try this!
  203. PM40 Recoil Spring Troubles
  204. +1 for Kahr Tech & Customer Service
  205. Trigger: NYPD vs Elite
  206. Magazine Release Observations
  207. Lube points for detail stripped slide...?
  208. Help with Mag Catch Installation
  209. Recoil spring poundage?
  210. Best Kahr and Why??
  211. how are you guys smoothing out the notches on the slide?
  212. Kahr slide release questions
  213. Striker channel clean out hole-Type of spray to use?
  214. Magazine feeding issue?
  215. Warming up the Bridgeport...
  216. MK9 wood grips installation- Screws.
  217. Slide stop function
  218. 5 yr warranty
  219. I am looking for a gunsmith to mod a K9
  220. MK9 still having extraction issues at 600 rounds.
  221. Help
  222. slide release
  223. Please help with P45 trigger reset.
  224. Flitz on Kahr Slide?
  225. Help Needed -- Back Slide Plate Removal
  226. Help needed: P380 Range Report/Problems
  227. Kahr Problems
  228. slide interchangeable ?
  229. Sharp edges on CW 9 mags
  230. P380 Trigger Bar Spring
  231. some
  232. What's your opinion on stocking parts?
  233. Trigger Bar Issue or Normal?
  234. cracked CW45 magazine
  235. Advice on cleaning
  236. very interesting
  237. Cut 8 rd mag down to 7
  238. XS Big Dot Installation for my P9
  239. Trigger Jobs
  240. Barrel fitting
  241. ProMag Kahr 03 (8RD)...Son of a XXXXX!!!
  242. Has Anyone Modified the Sharp Edge on the Ejection Port?
  243. Kahr VA serial number
  244. Kahr rubber panel "inserts/stickers"
  245. Grip Screws - MK40
  246. Mk9 front strap checkering
  247. Brooks Tactical AGrip
  248. Making grips for my K40
  249. Question regarding the finish on an all black P9
  250. Ballistol and Tetra gun grease