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  1. What do you think?
  2. Seattle Gun Ban
  3. Our Government Needs Change!
  4. Anyone have feedback?
  5. Washington state assault weapons ban
  6. UN Doomsdays Comin
  7. NOT KIDDING, UN is coming!
  8. Starbucks Support of Second Amendments Rights Petition
  9. Let them drink Starbucks!
  10. 2nd Amendment
  11. Daley coming for your guns now.
  12. International Effort to Grab Your Guns
  13. How do you know you're shopping in Texas?
  14. Score one for the good guys!
  15. 2nd Amendment Kahr Posters
  16. We can carry in the parks now
  17. Brady Campaign: Fewer gun laws, fewer homicides
  18. Supreme Court scrutinizes state, local gun control
  19. I'll carry my real gun, but hide those air guns. The Guvs comin.
  20. Can you say Minority Report?
  21. Anti gun companies-stay away from them
  22. Please Support, Join, Donate to GOAL.
  23. Justice Stevens to retire from SCOTUS
  24. Guns Save Lives -- Again!
  25. I may just have to move to Arizona.
  26. What would you do?
  27. Gunowners have to show ID, but not Illegals
  28. Video: Girls With Guns
  29. BATFE Link
  30. 80 yr old man in Chicago Kills home intruder..
  31. Hiker Shoots Grizzly in Denali Nat'l Park
  32. In Remembrance: D-Day
  33. Massad Ayoob's Ten Commandments of CC
  34. NRA cuts deals to limit free speech
  35. A fair article on open vs. concealed carry in NC
  36. Why Guns are Good
  37. Constitution's "right to keep and bear arms" applies nationwide
  38. Emergency gun "restrictions"
  39. Thomas Sowell on Gun Control Laws
  40. A defacto gun registry in Florida?
  41. McDonald v. Chicago response
  42. Saw this and had to share
  43. SAF sues in Maryland over CCW!
  44. This can't be good.
  45. Silver Lining
  46. A New Jersey man gets seven years for being a responsible gun owner.
  47. Authorities charge gun owner with brandishing…his finger
  48. Supreme Court Justice says "take the subway to Maryland"
  49. TSA protects our country from our returning GI's... HA!!
  50. Threat to national security
  51. ACLU files a pro-CCW lawsuit. Sorta.
  52. Florida may soon become an open carry state
  53. Gun Safty
  54. Iowa joins CCW states & includes reciprocity
  55. Discounted NRA membership upgrades
  56. Win for our fellow California gun owners
  57. My testimony in front of the Maryland House of Delegates
  58. Renewed My NRA Membership
  59. Just found this.
  60. Bloomberg Should Be Arrested
  61. A letter to Senator McCarthy
  62. Reworked non-res Utah CCW passes Senate
  63. Second Amendment Enforcement Act
  64. WV Gun Owners Protection Act of 2011
  65. Hi-Cap Magazine Article & Poll: US News & World Report
  66. Gun Control
  67. National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011
  68. Privacy Rights of Gun Owners?
  69. Gun Free Zone
  70. A tale of two states
  71. An Open Letter .....
  72. Do you want to murder little girls?
  73. Arizona governor vetos campus gun bill
  74. Food 4 Thought
  75. "Under the radar" gun control from Washington
  76. Doest surprize me
  77. Mayor Daley - hypocrite doesn't even begin to describe the man
  78. This could be the big one
  79. DC, SAF, and Kahrs
  80. Vote in USA Today pole....
  81. Gun Control Lawsuits in Florida
  82. The un again.
  83. Nevada adds Arizona and other states
  84. Self defense
  85. MA resident's !!ALERT!! gun bill hearings tomorrow
  86. Woman sleeps & showers with gun
  87. Ohio Concealed Carry Law revision
  88. NC expands Castle Doctrine
  89. Must be the training
  90. Obama nominates anti-2A to Appeals Court
  91. LEO stops for OC in CA
  92. My letter to the St Pete Times today
  93. U.N. Gun Ban Treaty
  94. Is the USCCA for real
  95. UK and self defense
  96. The Gun is Civilization
  97. IS multiple-purchase reporting the silver bullet to STOP gun smuggling to Mexico?
  98. Good news in Florida
  99. Free from the laws, regulations, and moral codes
  100. A Pistol Packing President?
  101. Message from another CA gun grabbber...
  102. What do you think of this Tea Party business?
  103. Don't Let the Kids Drink the Kool-aid
  104. Party at the ATF
  105. UK refuses kids tickets to gun-related Olympic events
  106. Bloomberg writer admits to perjury in FL CCW
  107. Welcome to DC
  108. What do you think of this?
  109. Bill to ban Gun Free Zones
  110. ATF disarms medical marijuana users.
  111. HR 822 getting the anti gun treatment
  112. UN Small Arms Treaty
  113. "Capp's Law" More Fed abuses.
  114. Shredding the Constitution
  115. Wisconsin Concealed Carry
  116. HR 822 coming up for vote soon.
  117. Four Flaws in HR 822, how to fix them
  118. NObama at it again.
  119. One small step for mankind.....
  120. Early Christmas Present for Fresno Citizens
  121. Hillsdale College Webinars on the Constitution
  122. Recent Developments in Federal & State Law, 2009-2010
  123. Gun Grabbing Sheriff caught dealing meth
  124. Can the TSA get any more ridiculous?
  125. Oh yes, just par-a-noid
  126. Law Comparisons
  127. Exploding the Myths About National Right to Carry
  128. Fast and Furious
  129. SAF awarded $1M+ in historic Heller case
  130. It Figures
  131. Iowa Caucus
  132. Big Brother shreds Constitution
  133. The Patriot Act
  134. Shatner is cool
  135. Emily gets her gun
  136. There He Goes Again.
  137. Tenn. Lays down the Gauntlet to NYC
  138. South Dakota: Concealed carry permit may not be necessary in the future
  139. Checks and Balances
  140. cwp kills robber
  141. Desensitizing America?
  142. James Madison
  143. Are you kidding me
  144. HR 4646 -- A sneaky new tax.. This WILL light you UP for SURE!!!
  145. A Human Right
  146. The gun as an instrument of peace
  147. A message from Rand Paul
  148. 2 $ bill for 2A
  149. Big brother is watching
  150. Ummm, just call 911
  151. Must see video for all americans !
  152. Vote For Obama
  153. Breakin' the Law....
  154. Be careful what number you call for help!
  155. Napolitano Freedom Watch
  156. Victim Arrested
  157. Liberals ignore the law
  158. grr grr grr ... Background check delays in VA
  159. It just keeps getting better... This is unbelievable!!!!!
  160. One Dead, 4 Wounded in Ohio HS Shooting
  161. american election fraud
  162. Supressors For Hunting in OK
  163. Woman ratted out by fellow church member
  164. Tell me again it's not the dems trying to take our guns?
  165. D.C. takes baby steps towards gun law sanity
  166. Illinois anti-gun bills move out of committee
  167. Big win for Maryland gun owners
  168. Colorado to allow permit holders to have guns on college campus
  169. Obama threatens press if they report on Arpaio's Birth Certicate Investigation
  170. Yep, nobama, friend of the NRA.
  171. Congress files to impeach Obama
  172. Why it matters
  173. I'm sorry :-)
  174. Huge Republican Tax Increase
  175. Is this GAME over, yet?
  176. Nothing to worry about, he's only the head of nobama's doj.
  177. “We Are This Far From A Turnkey Totalitarian State"
  178. Anyone Hear about this Executive Order Last Friday?
  179. Happy 2nd Anniversary Obamacare!!
  180. Heard this on Lars Larson today.
  181. Odummer the Destroyer snubbed in Oklahoma
  182. Willard Romney- Your "conservative" candidate
  183. This one's for you Chief Joseph
  184. What do we do Mr President
  185. The latest from Sheriff Joe and the birther stuff
  186. Vote & Support Communism?
  187. Didn't take long.
  188. Commiefornia Home Invasion in Future
  189. Dealing with armed robbers: A good read
  190. Something to ponder
  191. OBammy open mouth insert foot!
  192. Eric Holder
  193. Police Say Witnesses Back Zimmerman's Story
  194. When you have to time ,worth listening to.
  195. The Bullet Proof Mind
  196. Where is the outrage?
  197. Blaming the right to defend yourself.
  198. How we envision ourselves in an SD Scenario
  199. Tip of the iceberg
  200. More calls for gun control
  201. Read this before posting here
  202. What will you do when they outlaw guns?
  203. Hammer control needed.
  204. NOT an April Fool's Joke
  205. Take Political Discussions to a New Forum
  206. For whart it's worth
  207. And so it begins.
  208. Draw versus Draw and Fire
  209. New Mexico drops and then re-adds FL and others from CCW Reciprocity
  210. Showing your gun
  211. Romney at NRA Convention
  212. How much do you know about the 2A?
  213. first the 2nd Admendment, now the 1st
  214. Highway Bill with new IRS Powers?
  215. I'm cancelling my bofa card.
  216. Massad Ayoob on Castle Doctrine and Desparity of Force
  217. Good riddance
  218. Our hope and blame does it again
  219. Way to go Florida
  220. Make your own Gun Free Zone
  221. Blaze article
  222. Bass Pro don't care about CWP holders
  223. Good for NC, Gun rights protected in emergancies.
  224. Porting a gun
  225. Illinois congress shenagins
  226. Ministry of Truth???
  227. New bill gives IRS powers to confiscate your guns.
  228. Mom asking permission to shoot an intruder
  229. Shotguns
  230. Guns are banned
  231. Daddy's Girl
  232. Coming to our neighborhood?
  233. Stand your ground......
  234. I hate this ammo, these articles, and the bruhaha it creates...
  235. Bill ensures Gun Rights if UN Agenda passes
  236. Stand your ground info
  237. Fyi
  238. Yea! Bass Pro shops and who else
  239. With all the new open carry laws hitting, thoughts on open vs concealed
  240. I know where I'm going for breakfast
  241. Any Jersey Guys out there? Join Now!
  242. july 27th and small arms treaty
  243. I would use the word "journalist" loosely in this case
  244. How old is too, old?
  245. You don't know ****
  246. Obama's America :2016
  247. End Run around 2nd amendment coming soon.
  248. I'm not a big fan of the NRA, but
  249. KS Senator introduces Bill to Protect 2nd Amendment rights
  250. Welcome to Shreveport: Your rights are now suspended