View Full Version : BFR in 45/70 Range Review

07-05-2015, 09:54 PM
I could not believe how smooth this revolver shot. I picked up some 405 grain Remington soft points and hit the range expecting to take beating on my wrists. I was pleasantly surprised how easy, comfortable and fun this revolver was. The weight and size of the gun dispersed the energy so well that the muzzle rise was minimal.

07-05-2015, 09:58 PM
I want one!

09-05-2022, 09:06 PM
I felt the same with my .460 as soon as I learned to pull that trigger back slowly it was spot on. I do wear a pair of shooting gloves. Limit my range sessions to 25 rounds spaced out of course . But it is a beast.

02-22-2023, 03:47 PM
Saving up for my 45/70 to match my Henry. Hope to be hunting deer and hogs with it this season! 7.5 inch barrel, micarta, bisley grips.Can hardly wait.

02-23-2023, 03:42 PM
Well went to the range a little over a week ago with a bud who just purchased a BFR in 45/70. I have a BFR in .500 S&W magnum and brought my western rig I had made some time ago. We were both surprised that the recoil between the 45/70 and .500 was negligible. I had loaded up some .500 specials which were equal to shooting a 44 magnum. He asked where I purchased my rig? I told him I made it a few years back. Well, he asked if I could make him one and what would it cost? I asked what he would have in trade rather than cash. He said he had 5 boxes of Hornaday 325 FTX 45/70 I said that would do as I have a Henry 45/70. So, I suggested he try my rig with his gun as basically they are the same size. He asked if I would give up my rig? I said that I would need to change out the belt buckle as it has my name on it. He said that was fine and I told him pick up around 6pm. I replaced the belt buckle with a heavy-duty buckle, and he was very satisfied. So, it has been about a week, and I finished my new rig. I did some practice first as I was going to make a cartridge belt which I have never done before. I can wear the belt without the holster, and it will hold 25 rounds of either 45/70 or .500 rounds.

02-23-2023, 04:46 PM
We need some pictures of that rig.

11-28-2023, 04:14 PM
I've been looking locally for a used 45-70 BFR for a while at a palatable price. I have an 1895 to go along with it :-)